Sunday thread time I reckon

Alright? Got to move all the furniture back after painting yesterday, rearrange some stuff and have a big clear out, pretty good Sunday stuff and beats work! You?


Play in the snow (first communion cancelled because of snow)
Do some work
Big match
Roast potatoes
More of this nonsense telly show Hightown which we are watching.


Hi funky. It’s snowing here. Not much but enough to get kiddo excited. Breakfast and then maybe a morning schlep out in it. Listening to Veckatimest because it’s a very appropriate Sunday morning album


Annoyed that it’s snow-free here at the one time it wouldn’t be massively inconvenient.

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Silly toddler started stirring at 5. I’m so tired :persevere:

Been watching The Lion King and reading all her books. She is on far better form than me.


Oops - I put my default stuff in the birthday thread. I need coffee

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Going to stare out the window all day I reckon then make a chicken pie for dindins.


Went on a looooong walk, Put some shelves up and watched football yesterday, today I’ll be putting pictures up and doing a bit of recording. Gonna roast a chicken too.

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It snowed here in sw London but looks more like slightly heavier frost, but I’ll take it. Rushed over to my window as soon as I woke up to look, was hoping for a proper snow, if that happened I would have gone sledging


No fucking idea what to do today

Have managed to somehow find myself with a very busy weekend, did not even know it was possible at the moment :sweat_smile:

Anglos a Sunday sweet DiSers.

What do you think the collective noun for a group of disers would be?

Really fancy pastries, wonder if I’ve got enough money to have a co-op deliveroo :thinking:

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A Bogling (to Aswad) of DiSers

Woke up and seem to not have a headache… yet. So that’s promising.

Might go for a walk in the snow later.

Holy moly! My favourite cafe are finally delivering to my post code. Cinnamon knots come to me


What were all the most unanimous polls in that thread of DiSer likes? That could be a clue.

In the before time it could have been like ‘a smugness’ or something but too many nice people here now

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Today we’re having blueberry pancakes :pancakes: and then will do a bit of water colour painting and walking and yoga


How sickeningly wholesome!


I like to stay zen AF on a Sunday🧘🏼‍♀️


Morning all!

I feel really well rested for a change.

It hasn’t snowed here but it is very frosty.