Sunday thread

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all okay, tell me what you’re up to!

I’m about to go do some walking of the hill variety. Nothing as fancy as @japes but japes is a very fancy man indeed, how could I compete?

Hiya. Grim news to wake up to about London.

Might have a big ol’ brunch. Was at a very grown up party for one of my colleagues last night which was surprisingly good fun. Someone getting the palinka out was a mistake though (it’s always a mistake).

Travelling back to Glasgow this aft. Looking forward to staying in the same city for a whole week.

Not looking forward to having to go into work.

I am lying on a terrible sofa bed, wondering what time I should shower at. Planning on seeing six or seven bands today, pretty sure that I can do it.

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Hungover as folk and for some reason invited the TVs friends round to mine :confused:

Need to tidy up and cook for them :open_mouth: :sweat:
The fuck did I do that for!?

You reckon they’ll want to have a pizza and watch cycling on TV all afternoon? :frowning:

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Listening to the new Mutoid Man - bloody hell, it’s great stuff. :heart: Stephen Brodsky


Had coffee and a bagel. Playing some zelda. Thinking about going out for a walk somewhere.

@japes is a very fancy man, you should see some of the hats he wears as he struts through the streets of Glasgow


This is the only photo I took of Field Day.


Just up and I want a coffee so bad. I’m gonna do fuck all today, well I might read the papers etc

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Fuck it, making a gin and tonic.



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hola @Witches / DiS

eating a ‘breakfast omelette’ with mince and peppers, it’s pretty tasty. will do a bit of tidying today / lazing about then a small :bike: ride at some point

i’ll be expecting plenty of photos from your hill witches! looks quite nice out there today

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Yeah all that kinda stuff, like there’s only room on the pavement for his hat and that’s it

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might try for a run in a minute

Hey Witches :slight_smile:

Had a nice evening last night and made Malaysian food for the first time. This was the prawn laksa :slight_smile:

Just heading for a picnic in a bit, having done some boring food shopping. Sun is out :sun_with_face:


looks properly sunday supplement, that. nice one.