Sunday thread


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all okay, tell me what you’re up to!

I’m about to go do some walking of the hill variety. Nothing as fancy as @japes but japes is a very fancy man indeed, how could I compete?


Hiya. Grim news to wake up to about London.

Might have a big ol’ brunch. Was at a very grown up party for one of my colleagues last night which was surprisingly good fun. Someone getting the palinka out was a mistake though (it’s always a mistake).


Travelling back to Glasgow this aft. Looking forward to staying in the same city for a whole week.

Not looking forward to having to go into work.


I am going to go and have a roast, come back and finish shimming my guitar neck, then maybe go watch wonder woman later


I am lying on a terrible sofa bed, wondering what time I should shower at. Planning on seeing six or seven bands today, pretty sure that I can do it.


Hungover as folk and for some reason invited the TVs friends round to mine :confused:

Need to tidy up and cook for them :open_mouth: :sweat:
The fuck did I do that for!?


You reckon they’ll want to have a pizza and watch cycling on TV all afternoon? :frowning:


Listening to the new Mutoid Man - bloody hell, it’s great stuff. :heart: Stephen Brodsky


Had coffee and a bagel. Playing some zelda. Thinking about going out for a walk somewhere.


@japes is a very fancy man, you should see some of the hats he wears as he struts through the streets of Glasgow


This is the only photo I took of Field Day.


Just up and I want a coffee so bad. I’m gonna do fuck all today, well I might read the papers etc


Fuck it, making a gin and tonic.




hola @Witches / DiS

eating a ‘breakfast omelette’ with mince and peppers, it’s pretty tasty. will do a bit of tidying today / lazing about then a small :bike: ride at some point

i’ll be expecting plenty of photos from your hill witches! looks quite nice out there today




Yeah all that kinda stuff, like there’s only room on the pavement for his hat and that’s it


might try for a run in a minute


Hey Witches :slight_smile:

Had a nice evening last night and made Malaysian food for the first time. This was the prawn laksa :slight_smile:

Just heading for a picnic in a bit, having done some boring food shopping. Sun is out :sun_with_face:

Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)