Sunday thread

…!!! It’s the afternoon! Where is everyone? :wave: :smiley: :wave:

good afternoon witches & etc

I’m just about to leave sunny sheffield and head back home. have had a 10/10 weekend tbh

met some cracking dissers and cycled round some lovely countryside. would do again.

your meetup looked like it went according to plan, hope the glasgow young team treated you well!

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still in bed. my neighbour is working on his roof right next to my window. My curtains are fairly see through. I’m pretty naked. I’m not moving.

Who will crack first?

Slept okay last night.

Catching up on Fargo, going to a BBQ at my parents house later.

Yeah they absolutely did!! Everyone was SO cool and lovely and amazing. Would definitely do again, hopefully with you there next time too!!!



My stomach aches from eating too much Indian food at 1am last night. I’m still in bed but I’m meant to see my ex, go to a talk by a HIV/AIDS activist and see my family which is a 20 minute train ride away. May just stay in bed.

Sat on the sofa playing zelda. Woke up to find that someone forgot to buy coffee when they went shopping so was in a grump for a bit. Might go out this afternoon but might not be arsed.

How’s your hangover/10 witches?

At work.

Very bored,

Very tempted to book a holiday for August - School holidays = mucho dinero though…

At a dinosaur themed crazy golf thing with my son. Basically stood around for hours because so crowded to hit a ball for a few seconds. Absolute hell


Haha!! I feel great actually. Sooo no hangover/10 YAS!! I am still going to sit on the sofa and only eat pizza today though. Trying to figure out the best way to go about it… do I dare venture to the shop? Do I get a takeaway? And if I do get a takeaway do I go fancy stupid expensive 14 inch OR trashy cheap 20-can-barely-fit-through-the-door-will-do-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner-inch pizza. So many decisions.


Morning/afternoon troops. Was up early as the bell ringers are practicing in the church on our street. Cleaned up the house while listening to my best of Dinosaur Jr. playlist.

We were on the piss for ten hours yesterday and that eventually ended in this run of absolute bangers at about midnight.


Heading to London to see The Tempest. Followed by finding a nice pub that does a Sunday Roast and nice beers. Hopefully The Dean Swift.

I feel fucking awful.

I walked through town with the intention of getting chips and then forgot I wanted chips and walked home. Those chips would have saved me from this hell.


Just nipping to the shop, anyone want owt?

Cornetto or tin of Red Stripe

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I stopped in my walk back home for some chips n cheese, they did the fucking trick.

Afternoon DiS,
I’m gonna have a lazy kinda Sunday, papers, lunch etc etc
Actually maybe I’ll go for a run later, actually I probably won’t. Hmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Fuck you.


Pizzas a good shout Witches, I’ve got a Sainsbury’s not their cheapest yet not their most expensive one sitting in the fridge which was not tackled on fri night.
So yeah :pizza::pizza::pizza:


YES!! Success! Less of this healthy running chat and more pizza chat! I think I’m going to treat myself to a fancy one… :heart_eyes: :pizza:

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