Sunday thread


So many beautiful people in the supermarket today, was smiling at loads of them in a casual, slight non-creepy way.

I got a Ristorante cos I’m fucking cool and don’t play by the rules of supermarket pizza!

Terrible weather here but nevermind, any bam cover requests that I could fingerpick on a nylon guitar?

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Dr oetker?!

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the one and only

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Sterling choice sir :+1:

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ham & pineapple which tells you everything you need to know about me.

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This is my choice too.

Minus :pineapple: add :pig:


wait, you’re saying I’m nothing?


Haha, how on earth did you come to that conclusion!? YOU ARE EVERYTHING!!

Hullooo :wave:

Feeling pretty chipper and relatively hangover free over here (soz @keith!!)

Just meeting @cutthelights for beers and a burger :hamburger::beers:

Have a nice Sunday everyone!


Just ate a cornetto


I’m starting to feel better now after some toast, coffee, fruit and a leftover chicken wrap from yesterday.

I’ll probably feel like a drink in a few hours.


I am on a train, hurtling through the Swedish countryside

My body hurts all over from taking a long cycle pilgrimage to a prehistoric stone circle for midsommar yesterday

I like trains… but I’m bored

I’m watching the America’s Cup sailing on BBC2 now. I have no idea what’s going on. I want New Zealand to win because they have a peloton powering the catmeran steered by Marilyn Manson.

well what is a ham & pineapple pizza without the ham and…ah…I see what I’ve done…I’ve misread your comment.

Thousand pardons!

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that sounds great, any cool pics?

Hey hangover free here too.

Pizza soon. Might go for a pint first.


Told him the 10th was the last hole and we left. Sucker!! Golf has 18 holes durrrrrrr!!11

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