Sunday thread

Good morning lovelies!
I for one am glad I don’t have a hangover and lots of life admin stuff to sort out today!! What a relief!
What you fucking up to?!

Also up early and didn’t drink much yesterday.

Driving down to So’ton today to meet with 5 former colleagues to catch up since it’s been ages since we were all together. Then I need to come back, pack and take the cat to my mums before I head to Berlin tomorrow


Back in the office again today to try and finish these drawings off (I didn’t get them done yesterday, however on the plus side, we won 11-1 at hockey), but this afternoon we’re off to see Jaws with a live orchestra, then out for dinner, so that’s something to look forward to.

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Morning IOS et al

Had a few beers last night and bumped into some old friends I haven’t seen in donkeys. Ended up falling asleep on the sofa until 3.30am.

Not much planned today. Might go for a mooch around the market and brunch (already had the final slice of pizza I didn’t finish last night). It’s a pretty nice day out there.

Morning. Just having a pret misery breakfast, then recording til 2, then band practice til 5, then back to recording til late. Feel ok now but gonna get serious sunday fear later. Wish i’d had more of a weekend :disappointed:

Can’t work out if I misread the sarcasm in @Im_On_Safari’s opening post, am missing the sarcasm on yours, or you’re just brutally rubbing his nose in it…

Tbh, my hangover is actually ok because I am still hammered


I knew it!!

Morning all. I’m still in bed but my neighbours (who have a habit of playing one song loudly on repeat) are now playing Shape of You. Need to get up, go out and do some boring errands.

M O R N I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

I’m making tea. Who wants tea?


Morning, gonna piss it down all day here and everything’s closed on Sundays so I’m trying to find something to do. Cat woke me up at 7.30 by mewling at the bedroom door :expressionless:

Still reeling a bit from paying the equivalent of £45 for two of the worst takeaway curries I’ve ever chucked in the bin plus a soggy peshwari naan.


Morning everyone, saw Lightyear last night - they were excellent, was jumping around like a sweaty lunatic.

Don’t feel too bad this morning, but I’ve had almost no sleep. Got a presentation to write for Tuesday as well.

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Robot wars is on tonight.

Up at stupid o’clock because baby isn’t sleeping well, think she’s teething. Have to clean the whole flat today (it always needs fucking cleaning) and apply for a job. Mrs HYG is going out for brunch. Really want some me time but it’s not going to happen. Will drink too many beers tonight in compensation. :neutral_face:

never drinking again


exact same

wanna go for a pint later?

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I created the phrase “jobstacle course” last night to describe the process of applying for jobs because of all the assessments, and tests and 2nd interviews etc.
This phrase has never been used before and I was hero amongst my peers for creating it. You may use it when explaining what you are up to today. HtH


I thiiiiiinnnnnkkkkk I got away with it last night. Absolutely tip top today