Sunday Thread!


I just woke up from a weird peeing dream, was desperate to go but no toilets anywhere so ended up going in this shed kinda thing for some reason, turns out it was being used to store archive paperwork from my old job and an old colleague came in to drop off some files whilst I was mid-stream. Pretty embarrassing.

Ended up back at Nottingham uni after that except it was all really massive medieval spires and things and I ended up shouting “fuck you and your million pound house you cunt!” at some building nearby after my mate told me he had all the toilets in his house.

How are you?


Off to work on zombie Jesus day. I still have back pains. Might be God smiting me for calling Easter Zombie Jesus day.



Got a decent nights sleep despite having numerous house guests.

Chocolate soon hopefully.

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was going to say hope you have a job where you sit down all day but I’m not sure that’s actual better for back pain is it?

I do but it gets better when when I stretch my back out. I may have to scare my colleagues doing lunges at break times.


Hello all

Driving back to my parents in a bit. Hopefully doing an Easter egg hunt with my niece. Then having brunch. Just nice to not be at work really


Up, done the egg hunt round the house. Forgot to write back from the Easter bunny…think I might have got away with it by saying rabbits are illiterate anyway…

Going to wear my mega yellow dress again because SPRINGTIME.


Morning all.

I’m back in the promised land (Newcastle) for the weekend - taking my grandma’s out for Zombie Jesus Day lunch (thanks for that @sarahispi)

Off for brunch with some atds.

Then making a fire engine cake and watching cycling.

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Coverage starts at 9.15!!

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Yep! Imagine listening to kirby for 7 hours…

Will definitely be worth it to track down a Sporza feed

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also guys:

Tesco chocolate digestives are well good for 65p!


Deciding if I should go gym or not today! I have about 20 mins to make a decision and leave but I’m still in bed…hmm…

I wouldn’t bother


Jesus had a day off, so should you!


but that’s just me

It’s looking like that!

I have no self control when it comes to chocolate digestives. If I buy a packet I’ll just end up eating the whole lot in one sitting.


Morning! Got up early and went for a run on the Anglesey Coastal Path, it’s a well nice day!

Going to go out for a walk and some lunch in a bit.