Sunday Thread!

nearly did that yesterday

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That looks stunning.

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Went to see my old uni mate who moved out here 12 years ago and now lives about 40 mins out of Melbs. She has a very cute black cat called Molly.

Then went to Hanging Rock and yes, had a picnic.

Never read the book or seen the film or know anything about the story but, much like “Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” it’s an iconic title.

So I’ll read the book now.

Just toasted some marshmallows on the fireplace of the cottage we’re staying at.


We only know about his birth and three days around his death. Sounds like the dude had a lot of time off to me :wink:

Think there are a few more stories tbf


26 years’ worth? Come on…

Think I’ve spotted the hilarious April fool story in the guardian bit frankly nothing seems too ridiculous these days.

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I did, yes! Did a double class.

But WHOOPS I’ve found myself at the gym for spin :laughing:

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Had about 5 hours sleep - urgh.

Going to my auntie’s today for Easter lunch, my cousin and her two kids are coming as well and we’re going to do an Easter egg hunt! They are proper hyper, so extra chocolate will make today more exhausting. :smiley:

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chocolate orange easter egg for breakfast, off to brighton to see jeffrey lewis (more people should do afternoon gigs)

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Been out for a 10 mile run.

Going to clean out the goat and alpaca shelters, then put up some fencing.

!st April…wow! How did that happen.


that’s a serious run! How do you do it?! (well done)

Cleaning my flat whilst listening to Housemartins - Build on Now 10. I remember buying that album as an 11 year old kid in 1987.

I’ll watch Atomic Blonde that I have on DVD rental (yes, from Cinema Paradisio). Then I’ll go to my parents for a while. Then back to my flat in the evening for drinks whilst watching some other film.

I was on a 9am to 8pm shift yesterday and so looking forward to an easy day today.

Have a great day guys whatever you’re up to. Have fun.

Im in training for a marathon in 5 weeks. So, today’s run was a short, intermediate run.

Reminds me of groups of families on Easter Sunday on the high street all looking sad. As they shuffle from shop to shop wondering why they are all shut.

How have we wound up with no chocolate in the house??

April Fooled my parents into thinking the restaurant we’re going to for lunch had phoned to say they’d had a kitchen fire. I let them get to the point of scrabbling for phone numbers for alternative places before calling it off. In the bad books now :joy:

Going for a walk along the harbour before a massive lunch.


Hey Bam, everyone

I also had pee dreams because I actually really had to pee.

There is SO much snow outside (when I got here late Weds there was hardly anything) and looks like there might be more on the way. Kind of disheartening when I know it’s all sunny and springy back in Oslo - but at the same time, I’m here to just relax and this makes it easier to justify not doing outdoorsy stuff…

I’m in bed with a cup of really nice herbal tea. Gonna read some comics and maybe even snooze off a bit again.


I think the most successful April’s Fool I’ve pulled off was texting a few of my ATDs saying I thought I was pregnant (while single as ever, obvs). Don’t think that they necessarily thought it was that funny but I got some good laughs and that’s what matters right!?