Sunday thread

The sun has gone away and I couldn’t be happier. Look how miserable it is.

How are you spending the day of respite from the horror of summer?

I am going to pretend it’s autumn for a day and listen to gloomy music and curl up under a blanket. Might even make a roast. A ROAST. Imagine eating one of those this time last week.


It’s pretty grey and miserable in Glasgow. Loving it.

I assume I’m seeing my nieces later, but the nature of my trips home mean I don’t know what’s happening until it’s happening, so I’ll sit around on my Switch until then.

Got bittwn by a bloody mosquito a few times yesterday. Didn’t know we even had them in the UK. Broken Britain.

On the plus side, it’s nice and rainy out, and i’m just about to demolish some charlotte potatoes with olive oil.


My parents’ house is unspeakably warm so I slept terribly. The Child was up several times through the night and then awake at 7.30. We’re going out for a pub lunch and then driving back to Glasgow.

I enjoyed the Apocalypse Now Hey Duggee this morning though.

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Morning all.

To mark Mrs W’s 40th birthday, the dog left an enormo-jobby on the living room floor. He truly is a generous soul.

Family and friends over later for drinks etc.




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Was up early with the bairn. Now watching the end of Ingrid goes West and just put him down for a nap. He was fighting it but seems to have given in. Although… Eep… I may have spoken too soon.

Most powerful hangover I’ve had in a long time. Normally I’m Captain Circumspect.

Gonna maybe work on some music then get the train back up north and will have to do work work :neutral_face:

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That does look miserable.

Got some new running shoes so might do a run.

Gonna give the flat a good clean. Read my book a lot.

Morning all. Genuinely don’t think I’ve ever been as pleased to see the comforting grey skies and drizzle of the traditional Ruddy Great Bloody British Summer as I am today.

We are definitely having a roast. Very pleased about that.


Oh gonna make thai curry too.

Don’t think there’s much mileage in this for a Marvel style franchise to be honest.


thought this was a @plasticniki post for a minute


Looks up to sky
“Ah, someone lit the circumspectacle. Looks like there’s a party that needs someone to leave at a sensible time”



going out for lunch at no16 later, which should be good. just kinda fucking about till then. could go to the gym, but doubt that will happen. could do with a :coffee:

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“Did someone say ‘Designated Driver’?!”


I need to order a taxi but I’m in Italy and I don’t know how to communicate to a taxi company where I am

Edit: also, not entirely sure where I am tbh tbf

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Slept like absolute shite thanks to my GF tossing and turning all night. Will get up, have a cup of tea and finish the Herbie Hancock autobiography I’m reading.


The tv closed the window in the bathroom last night because it was getting “too cold” :scream:

Might car boot.

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