Sunday Thread



Anglos a Sunday!

I’m up early. The tv came to bed about 6am and his snoring woke me up after a completely fucked night’s sleep during which I woke up every hour. So I’m on the couch with my duvet. Will probably take a nap later, hence prolonging my sleep problems.

No real plans today. Might make that big pan of vegan chilli that I didn’t make yesterday.



Pretty rubbish nights kip myself GP. Up at 5 and not been back since. Gonna walk into town to collect the car and maybe meet the plastics for a coffee or something before they ride off into the distance. Might head down to the TVs parents after that. Need another cuppa first


Ergh sorry to hear that m9. Because of the little one or just because?

Just remembered the store doesn’t open until 10am on a Sunday so I can’t even begin my chilli adventure.


Bit of both tbh.


morning gp, rich

also up fairly early. babies / dogs seem to prefer getting up to play and making noise rather than sleeping. idiots.




Want more sleep.


Pretty tired as usual.

Gonna make coffee in a min

Got some family over for lunch and then off to see phoebe bridgers in Manchester tonight

Already cba for Monday morning


Is love love for more sleep. Instead we’re walking 1¾ miles to pick the car up then driving 50 miles to see her parents. Wonderful


Had insomnia all week and not really feeling great now. Missus is at the gym so me and the kids are having a lazy morning in bed watch telly and messing around


I’ve also been sleeping terribly this week. I had a better nights sleep last night but I still don’t feel great. Foggy head and general headache.


Well, my body has decided that it’s time to get up.

My partner has been away since Friday and is returning today, so I should probably prioritise attempting to make the house a little less…absolutely disgracefully messy.



Could somebody please bring me a coffee



Having a lie in at a friend’s house in Brighton. I have a salmon and poached eggs breakfast to look forward to.


Morning all!

The Child is feeding herself toast and I’m going to sort out a second pot of coffee. Mr Tumble is on the Quayside in Newcastle this morning.

No plans apart from some quiet time and possibly a curry tonight.




obsessed with this photograph of a lynx


imagine getting to cuddle that cat


Looks a bit heavy


Fell back asleep on the couch thank goodness. Still feel a little ropey. Massively cba to go to the store, need to recycle all the plastic bottles too (and the rest of it). Guess I could get the tv some hangover treats before he wakes up too though. That would be nice of me.