Sunday thread

Morning all :sun_behind_small_cloud:

How are you all? I’m presuming that half of DiS is already awake and 3% of DiS is still awake.

:wave::wave::wave: about to go to a Thai cooking class and then eat all the Thai food :pregnant_woman:


Playing vidja games while the TV lies in

More sleep please.

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Morning CCB et al

Got woken up by the cat again but not until 7.30 this time which is better than yesterday. Gonna go for a nice autumnal riverside walk with a friend from work then meeting my sister at the airport later, she’s taking me out for dinner :slightly_smiling_face:

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This please. Or programme later waking times into babies

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Why am I awake?

morning morning.

booked ocado for 8-9 to make sure I got up as a load of stuff to do today, kids wanted McD breakfast for last day so have already driven down there. i had some marmite toast though…too early for queasy egg…

had dream about missing PE kits last night, must mean its back to school again! tomorrow…

Most of today is going to be spent on the road, so today is going to be rubbish. Might do the three-part All Killa No Filla on those whacky Wests though.

Food shop this morning. Then meeting my dad at 1 to see Bohemian Rhapsody. The cinema is also near a good beer shop so I may stock up. After that back to my parents for Sunday dinner and Chelsea v Palace on TV. Finally I’ll visit my sister before heading home.

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Anglos a Sunday

Someone rip my shoulder off please. Thought it was getting better yesterday, wrong.

No plans yet today. Probably a walk this morning.

I’m at the gym. TV just got in from the gym before I left and I got bollocked for not having the kids up and fed. My bad.

I’ve had about 4 hours sleep, I’ve got a hangover, and I’m sat in hospital waiting for my Mam to go in to surgery. Today can do one.


After yesterday’s write off of a day (did 98 steps in the end). Have so much work to do…so if you see me on here again before late evening tell me to GO AWAY.

Might get a couple of tinnies in and watch the NFL if get enough work done.

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Hope everything goes well for your mum weeber x


Thanks Carmen - I’m sure that she’ll be fine.


Morning crew

I went to the new brewery place last night where you can get pizza delivered from the good pizza place. I will be doing that again

I was very sensible though and only had 3 pints which means I’m nice and fresh today. I’m gonna go out for a bike now then (try) and get my shit together to do the decorating I’ve been putting off for weeks

The hallway walls look minging after all the moving and deliveries in the past few weeks. Would look miles better with a quick coat of white emulsion on it. Can I be arsed doing that today? Can I fuck.


I’m sure you won’t agree with this but it feels like you’ve been on half term for ages.

I feel like I’ve been back at work for ages anyway.

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Anglos! Fancy getting out the house today so may go for a toddle around Battersea Park, hope I bump into the MiC lads.