Sunday thread

My Graffiti thread was locked. Feel sad. Seemed like apart from the abuse in it (which could have been dealt with by a banning, not a locking of the thread) there was at least some merit to it? Maybe?

Anyway going to do something as it is sunny after last night’s storm.

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I don’t acknowledge Xmas with my classes until the last two weeks of December. They get too distracted and excited otherwise.

They’re aged 24 on average.


Given how excited some of my adult work colleagues are getting about it already, I don’t blame you.

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Got to go into town in a bit to do some shopping. Really cba. There’s a new ale pub opened, though, so I might treat myself to a pint in there later to see what it’s like.

Why does chocolate make dogs ill?
has anyone even asked why?

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Caught the cat watching golf on the iPad

We’re having a lazy day and watching the final episode of 90 day finance before the 90 days where they’re all being interviewed. It’s fantastic.


Thanks so much x

was going to make a thread about this the other day

Yeah I don’t think it needed locking, just a banning of the idiots.

Went on an AFA march yesterday and I know they’re not meant to be fun but it was proper fun. good when there’s singing instead of just chanting


Double sausage muffin with no egg is the way forward.

really wish I didn’t have to eat as much meat as I do here. getting really sick of it.

(have a family dinner today that I CBA to go to and it’s gonna be meat with more meat)

Lots of beers last night courtesy of my lovely boss. Head hurts. Gonna do banal life admin for a few hours so it feels like a reasonable use of a day. And lots of sweeping, the best of the household chores



In IKEA. Save me.

Ugh. My sympathies…

Hello all :wave:

Watching Sabrina the teenage witch in bed with a cup of coffee. Was brought breakfast and coffee in bed which was so nice :blush: really appreciated being a bit looked after :heart:


How well does it reflect your experience of growing up Witches?


Been searching all round town for lollysticks so my class can start building clay/lollysticks/wattle and daub stone age houses tomorrow. Can’t find any

Haha, :thinking: I did grow up in an old house and we did have a black cat at one point!

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