Sunday thread

This is my hallway M9. Been like this for over a year - any decorating I do today will be in the bathroom


Anglos! The cafe at work opened early for a private breakfast meeting and not as many people came as expected so there was loads of leftover food, leading to me bring handed a bacon, sausage and hash brown sandwich within 2 minutes of arriving. It’s all downhill from here!


Congratulations, quite the achievement.


Also debuting my favourite new t-shirt, which now comes with added bacon grease


I am so hungover. Woke up in the hotel with a full pint by my head which I don’t remember buying. Eating Subway hash browns (remarkable value for money btw) like an absolute dirtbag.


just got up.

What kind of time is this to get out of bed??


Ariana dropped a new song!! :pray: :heart:

Gonna play Sims and eat leftover curry before my mum takes me back to my house. Quite enjoy vegging out at my parents’.

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Had a week and a half which is very good.

Not minding going back to be honest, doing the great fire of London and then it’s Christmas innit…nativity fun and singing!

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Might go to Ikea on a rainy Sunday…that might not be a great idea, but hey, I live dangerously

Thinking the same thing :grimacing:

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I was feeling a bit bleak yesterday after nobody was around to hang out. Decided to embrace it and had a v good time. Off to watch AIK possibly win the Allsvenskan today.

Can’t stop watching this, it’s absolutely amazing

Hi everyone. Yesterday was a difficult day, [CW: death] my mum and I stripped the bed where Joan died, it took us a while as we couldn’t stop crying. Then we found her favourite song and played it and we both cried some more. I’ve asked if I can say a few words at the funeral though.

Selfishly, I got upset as well thinking about how when my parents go, I won’t have a sibling, a partner or child to do this with, I’ll have to do these things by myself.

Today I’m gonna spruce myself up so I can go to work tomorrow. We can’t actually do anything else now until the coroner gets in touch so we are in a weird limbo at the moment.


Hope you are holding up chum :heart:


My Graffiti thread was locked. Feel sad. Seemed like apart from the abuse in it (which could have been dealt with by a banning, not a locking of the thread) there was at least some merit to it? Maybe?

Anyway going to do something as it is sunny after last night’s storm.

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I don’t acknowledge Xmas with my classes until the last two weeks of December. They get too distracted and excited otherwise.

They’re aged 24 on average.


Given how excited some of my adult work colleagues are getting about it already, I don’t blame you.

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Got to go into town in a bit to do some shopping. Really cba. There’s a new ale pub opened, though, so I might treat myself to a pint in there later to see what it’s like.

Why does chocolate make dogs ill?
has anyone even asked why?

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Caught the cat watching golf on the iPad

We’re having a lazy day and watching the final episode of 90 day finance before the 90 days where they’re all being interviewed. It’s fantastic.


Thanks so much x