Sunday thread

was going to make a thread about this the other day

Yeah I don’t think it needed locking, just a banning of the idiots.

Went on an AFA march yesterday and I know they’re not meant to be fun but it was proper fun. good when there’s singing instead of just chanting


Double sausage muffin with no egg is the way forward.

really wish I didn’t have to eat as much meat as I do here. getting really sick of it.

(have a family dinner today that I CBA to go to and it’s gonna be meat with more meat)

Lots of beers last night courtesy of my lovely boss. Head hurts. Gonna do banal life admin for a few hours so it feels like a reasonable use of a day. And lots of sweeping, the best of the household chores



In IKEA. Save me.

Ugh. My sympathies…

Hello all :wave:

Watching Sabrina the teenage witch in bed with a cup of coffee. Was brought breakfast and coffee in bed which was so nice :blush: really appreciated being a bit looked after :heart:


How well does it reflect your experience of growing up Witches?


Been searching all round town for lollysticks so my class can start building clay/lollysticks/wattle and daub stone age houses tomorrow. Can’t find any

Haha, :thinking: I did grow up in an old house and we did have a black cat at one point!

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Trying to find myself a new smart winter coat. Why are they all so uniformly shit and ill-fitting?

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Hobby craft?

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I’m on my way or will be shortly!

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I’m feeling this a bit. My problem is that I really like my current one but it’s getting a bit tired, and all of the shop ones are either too casual or too short or too long in the arms.


Yeah same. Why aren’t maroon and brown check pattern single breasted wool coats with a colour gradient from the bottom up universally available?!


Can one of your pro bono patoids (patent penoid) find a way of manufacturing coats for us?

We could all be rich.

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Still no confirmation from the man himself. Probably too modest, eh @rich-t :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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