🌧☔ Sunday Thread 🌧☔

Good morning! How is everyone on this wet and windy Sunday? I’m off to work in a bit and got a fucktonne of stuff to do, but only 3 days left till 9 days off so that’s nice. What’s going on with you?!?


Morning funky :wave:

Please no one make me get out of bed. Couldn’t think of anywhere to go today and really not looking forward to the day being at home.

I really hope you get something sorted soon about your living arrangements FL. I hear Devon is nice :wink:


Was up before 7am with the toddler. Mum did the early shift yesterday. Today I got her up and she screamed at me until mum got her instead. Had to get her fed before we could swap. Love to be rejected first thing, really sets you up for the day.

Still shaking off a cold plus I think I burnt my mouth because I have a bunch of nascent ulcers so altogether feeing great. No idea what we’re going to do today because it’s grey as fuck outside. Just have to muddle through until 6pm when NFL games start.

Morning all. Currently riding a bit of an adrenaline/dopamine (?) crash after such a lovely day yesterday but I have a cup of tea and I don’t have to get out of bed just yet so that’s good.

Really fancy something nice for breakfast like pancakes or poached eggs or something. But I’ll probably just stay in Aurora.

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Any news on your Sports Illustrated football phone?

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Morning all!

Jimbo slept through until gone 7.30, so everyone had a great night’s sleep. More of this sort of thing!

If you believe the met office it’s going to rain until
5pm, so fingers crossed it’s more like the bbc where the rain stops by 3, or we’ll all go stir crazy.


If only, going to be stuck in my particular patch of south Essex forever :-1:

ey up

I’m in yorkshire. going to go watch the world championship bike race later. forecast says biblical rain…


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I want pancake, but I’m out of eggs.

My daughter’s radio is playing Butterfly by Crazy Town, so that’s something.


Really CBA to go and play football in this

Did a very fun and good gig. Most people I’ve ever played to and I was v nervous.
Here I am hiding for the fake encore, classic move. Greece is wicked


Just noticed the rest of the band are not hiding. Whoops


Up since 5.30, such eyebags.

For the first time in literally months (like, since June) I have no work to do and no plans. Glorious nothing. If it was not for the existence of my two children, I would be asleep until mid-day, but you can’t win them all…

The blue numbers aren’t being accurate.


Fucking love that it’s pissing down


Morning all!

The Child was not too disrupted by sharing bedtime with her friend and woke up at normal time. She was quite confused when he wasn’t in the bedroom though.

No proper plans today except marking three classes of assessments.

Stressed out my nut trying to pack for a wee trip to the mull of Kintyre.

We want to leave in 20 mins yet I can’t find Frank’s lead. Yessssss