πŸŒ§β˜” Sunday Thread πŸŒ§β˜”

I’ve woken up feeling coldy and shivery, and it’s the Glasgow Half today - annoying. Hoping pseudoephedrine will do its job and looking forward to a nice bath later on :sweat_smile:

Ah are you running in that too? Good luck! :blush:

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What is this?! I thought he was dressed as a pumpkin

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No he’s clearly dressed as a cunt.


Just looked up that collection cause I like Peanuts but a) it’s Β£40 for a t shirt and b)


Look after yourself please!

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No way I’m gonna be able to hide the cut on my nose :frowning:

Leaving now! Yes, only 6 mins late.


Hehe the most noble stance ever.

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I want to make banana bread but that would mean going somewhere to get ripe bananas yeah not gonna happen is it.

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Good luck to you too, hope you run a blinder! :rainbow::sparkles: (and thanks @keith :hugs:)


Still in bed, trying to come up with reasons not to go for a run. Think I’m going to fail though. Going to see the Deafheavens tonight, which I am excited about.

Attractive Spanish dentist is going to do another number on me this afternoon. Can’t wait.

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Happy Sunday Funky :wave:

Going out for a roast later but the weather looks like absolute shite :grimacing:

Keep trying to play my vidya games but internet is cutting out on me every 10 mins :grimacing::grimacing:

Which gives me more time to read DiS which is good cause I’m still 2 whole weeks behind :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Lamb chops for me later.

Morning all. Going to one of these this afternoon - they’re insanely great fun. Unlikely to be a piano there, but washing machines and dishwashers are wonderfully good fun to smash into smithereens.

The wind knocked our garden seat over and it looks like how I feel.

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I’d have liked it, that website is terrible.


Good morning