☀ Sunday ☀ Thread ☀

Morning all. How are you?

Had a bit of a weird night’s sleep: lots of noise outside, weird dreams (no DiSers) etc. But I had a nice doze before the girls woke up.

Plans for the day: roast beef for lunch (FYI @anon67149139), meeting some friends for a walk later. Bit worried they’ve got an agenda for meeting but hey, we’ll deal with that.

What about you? Plans for the day? Tell me all about it.


My Sunday is full of plans to pet Tanuki and eat frozen fruit bars.


Bad form if they haven’t circulated it before the meeting - how will you know what to prepare?



Going to a pub for lunch today! Quite excited. Outside seating only, and it’s in the countryside and their garden is massive, so should be okay.

Bike ride beforehand (the bike ride ends at the pub). Could be a good day imho.



Slept like a champion last night. 9pm-6:30 :muscle:

Today, already had breakfast. Gonna bake some bread, have a quick tidy around. Wash the bike then watch the footy.

This evening, not sure. :thinking:


Morning all!

I’ve been up since 6.30 watching Sing with The Child.

Had some toast but I don’t think that’s going to be enough breakfast for me.

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God what is wrong with you morning people.

I had a dream that the world was ending so that is nice

You’ve started the daily thread earlier than this?

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Not this morning tho


Also that’s worth mentioning… Since lockdown my sleeping patterns have gone from waking up early every day to now… Not getting out of bed til at least ten am

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Weird weird morning. At work for the day. CW: road traffic accident nastiness saw a motorbike rider who’d been involved in a collision with a car or a van being given CPR on the side of the road this morning. A security officer was slowing traffic down in the roundabout. I asked if I could help (being a trained first aider and trained in managing situations like that to a degree). He said they were ok, that an ambulance was on the way and there was enough help. Feeling pretty grotty about not helping out now. And can’t get the image of the rider lying on his back, grey faced, being given chest compressions out of my head now.

Sorry for the heavy post this early.

Ha, I’ve not even had the Zoom link yet.

(I think they’re pissed off with a mutual friend and want to complain to us about it)

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Aw mate, hope you’re okay. Sounds horrific x


I’m fine, just that feeling when you’re second guessing if you should’ve helped out. The security officer was probably right, and there isn’t much I’d have been able to do, apart from making sure the other rider wasnt suffering from shock or something. Plus, it’s not the thing you expect to see at 7am on a Sunday morning.

Like I said, sorry for the heavy post in this thread.


Morning :wave:

Up early to go to the tip (had to book a time slot), standard Sunday. After that, more packing.

You did the right thing offering to help.


Thanks x


Urgh, that’s really horrible :cry: hope you’re ok.

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Don’t apologise, m9.



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day