☀ 📆 🧵 (Sunday thread)

Morning all

Would have started this earlier, but was catching up on 700 posts of An American Wants To Know.

How are you all? Plans for the day?


Anglos my fellow disers

I’ve got work shortly, definitely definitely got too many people coming (no actual guidelines for tour guides though) but its outside. It’s all people that I had to cancel earlier in the year from lockdown so they paid like 6 months ago and I feel like I’m working for free and just want to get it out of the way.

Got crumpets and chai for breakfast first.


Can report that it’s very icy here and I keep nearly falling over. On the way to work :frowning: but…


First Sunday league football game for a while.
My plan is to get through it without passing out/being sick as I haven’t done much exercise over lockdown

You should do a Hoogy HQ pic a day new year :slight_smile:


Be good to track the movements of the horsey.


Looking for a job and feeling reaaaaalllly stressed about it tbh!! I hate it so much. Add the time of year and coronavirus, I’m basically fucked. I hate everything right now and feel sick and anxious thinking about it :sob:


Porridge with grated pear, sultanas and spices for breakfast, it is really good.

No real plans. I’m maybe not feeling the freshest today and R has a cold so very tempted to just let him watch endless Octonauts while I doze or read one of my books.

Might make some squashage rolls if I can muster the motivation. So much chopping though.


I went to the pub for a substantial meal last night.


Scotch egg?

Got a bit of a fuzzy head. Might have a fried egg and sriracha sandwich.


En route to Twisted Oaks. :bike:

Bit cba this morning, think it’s central heating and wine based makes me stuffy.

Got to get a tree, clean the house, put tree etc up, do some (a lot) of work, go to Asda, make some excellent dinner and be all done in time to watch the football. Should probably get up.

My prelit Christmas tree (4-year veteran that it is) needs a new plug. Problem is I have no idea which way round the wires would go as they’re both just green. What the hell do I do about that?

Stuck a sausage casserole in the oven to slow cook. Now making some porridge for everyone. Think we’ll try and get out for some fresh air today but not sure where


Decent day lined up

Pot of tea
Cooked breakfast
Going to watch Mank
Bit of the Palace game maybe
Then it’s Chelsea in the WSL
Start making bolognese
Maybe another film
Then more football

A good day

Really wish my shoulder didn’t hurt so much though

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Of course!

(Calamari and a burger!)

Here’s a thing though. Our pub won’t let you even order a drink without ordering food so there were a couple in the pub who ordered 2 burgers and just left them…to go freezing cold only to eat them 2 HOURS later. Whaaaaat. Surely you’d eat most of the burger when it arrived hot and leave a little bit to say “I’m still working on that”
My whole pub visit was consumed by this couple not eating the burgers!


It’s been such a miserable week to 10 days here weatherwise. Dark grey heavy drizzle, can’t remember when I last saw the sun. Adding that to the wfh marathon one can hardly feel like it’s a Sunday 3 weeks from Christmas

really struggling to get through this year.

As for today, got to do a big wash & read my eldest’s extended essay and I’ll probably watch some football. Not much else to do

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


would like to see a timelapse/animation gif of Hoogy HQ 2020

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