Sunday thread

‘probably planning on being ill next monday, see ya’


Aye, I’ve just had a second shower in 6hrs and in still sweating. Fucking hell

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If you have e.g. a really important meeting or something sure. Otherwise they’re not gonna read it and they should be able to cope with a member of staff calling in sick on the morning.

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Got a link to that? I’ve got a massive Sunday dread anyway so might as well read it now.

Might go for a walk before work tomorrow and then another one after work.

This stuff does the business

You’ll have to do it again in the morning, as per capitalism, so there’s no point calling in now.


hmm! Maybe I’m not drinking enough… mylk

Can you email in sick and schedule send for in the morning maybe?

How about using delayed delivery? Schedule the message for 7.43am tomorrow. NB I think you need to make sure your Outlook is on at that time

EDIT: what Froglet said literally immediately before me oops. Le scheduloi

I am not normally a chocolate in fridge person but obviously it’s necessary and right in hot weather. thanks to this thread I have just put some in the fridge for later.

Its the worst

I can clear this ‘chocolate in the fridge’ debate up once and for all right now. The answer is…

It depends.

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Had one (1) medium size coffee this afternoon and have felt playstation one start-up jingle levels anxious ever since, my body is an utter shipwreck please just take the good planks and begone


Loving this heat at night. Nourishing

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have just been informed it’s a glasgow bank holiday tomorrow

this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me


I don’t get it :sob:

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city specific bank holidays are amazing. we have them here. like randomly, the entire town is dead on a Wednesday and everywhere else is continuing as normal.


and its all because some fella in the 2nd century got murdered by the Romans.

Catholicism <3