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Every time this happens I hope that I turn up at work/log in and nobody is there and I’ve made a mistake.

Looking forward to you posting from work tomorrow then

boring, pointless post

When I worked at shoe factory they always wanted us to do overtime on Saturdays. Was kindve expected that you’d do it now and then but I always said no, until my line manager took me to one side and asked me why I never do it. So then I agreed to do it. Later in the shift he came over and said “you’re not here tomorrow” to which I replied “it’s off?” and he nodded. I go home delighted that I’m not working at the weekend.

I go in on Monday and he comes over “what happened to you Sat’dee?”. “I thought it was off?” “No?”. He’d actually said “you’re on here tomorrow” meaning the station I was on at the time (and always was but nvm). Guessing he never heard my reply and just nodded. So I had to fill in a ‘back to work’ form and write down how I’d misheard him etc. Then in the summer they did a load of redundancies and it was based on number of absences, I’d been off 3 times in a year (2 sickies plus the aforementioned) so got culled.

Probably would’ve still been there now if I didn’t mishear him, trimming the excess off the injection moulded soles of shoes on a production line for the rest of my life. And then being melted down myself to become part of the plastic mixture and having my face pressed into dogshit and tarmac.


should definitely have unionised against the face recycling bit of that contract

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Yeah i dont get it either

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Probably drunk :thinking:

  • got a cracking headache

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Cracking headache, Gromit

I swam in the sea for the first time in 13 years!! Usually I just put my feet in, I get shy about swimwear and worry about having to change in public or whatever but today I just jumped in with all my clothes on and let myself dry off naturally. It felt so nice, I get nervous about swimming where I can’t see or feel the bottom but didn’t even care about that, just swam and trusted myself, as I am ane experienced swimmer, and it was lovely


think its time we admitted italy winning the euros was pretty funny in and of itself


enjoyed this story.


@barleysugar you’re not here tomorrow


Could go a coffee rn tbh

Especially after eating that late dinner.

Think Channel 5 is the best terrestrial channel now.

Half eleven on a weekend night seems like an appropriate time to come to that conclusion.

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I don’t get the reference plz explain x