Sunday thread

Good morning all!

Had a surprisingly good sleep considering how warm and breezeless it was last night.

Had a couple of Croissants for breakfast. Going to sit out in the garden and slowly toast myself for a few hours.

Would’ve been nice to go out for a bike - that ‘drum and bass on a bike’ fella is in Brum this afternoon which could be fun - but my feet are still fucked.

I’m at the beach but my friend is driving down and there is clearly no chance of parking. Hmmm it’s gonna get complicated

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, for one final day



There will be a special treat tomorrow to compensate…


Quite fancy being social today but all our friends who live close by are all either busy or heavily pregnant :pensive:

Family pt2 today as it’s my mums 60th family bbq. Should be nice then we’ve seen both families in one weekend and won’t have to see them for a while :joy:


How is it 10am? Loads of seagulls have turned up, like hundreds. Not done justice by this great photo as they are all over the place.


Paddling pool’s still out. Still not going near it.

Me: Puts a couple of smaller cushions out for the dog to lie on

The dog:


Morning :wave:

I’m at the beach :sunny:

Got up early, got a parking space, had breakfast in the beach café, now paddling :slight_smile:



I’ll be beaching this afternoon not this morning. We’re having a very slow start to the day after going out and drinking far too much last night, which was very nice indeed. I need to pop to the shops in a bit because we’re going to have a barbecue for lunch.

It’s nice waking up without a hangover.

Watched that Liam Gallagher doc on iPlayer last night. What a waste of time.

I’m sorry if it’s already been said but it’s hot!

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Just remembered that last night I had a dream about Gringotts, but with pizza

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Public Service Announcement: There’s live international T20 cricket on BBC one this afternoon. What a treat for us all.

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Not too hungover today which is nice but still feel like death because of my sauna flat. Probably cooler outside but then the sun is out there so it’s lose-lose. Got some homework to do ahead of new job tomorrow so may as well compound today being shite and get it out of the way.

Been to Bents for some more solar lights this morning and oak smoked wensleydale. They have added 2 new Olive trees for sale one 300-500 years old from Portugal for £9,500 and a 100-200 years old for £4,000. Still tempted.

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Cant imagine buying something that was old enough to see 512 year old shark become a teenager.