Morning DiS. Running on 4 hours sleep but not even tired thanks to that exhilarating tennis last night. Inspiring. Well, that and some half decent coffee. Small window for another cup at work right here, right now.

'Going to link my favourite Mustafa song again which in a musical way I find as equally inspirational and moving as the tennis was last night. Apologies for the overkill, but give it a whirl. That’s two superstars for you early this Sunday. Got to fly here soon as it will get busy - have a cool day folks…


Morning tr00ps

Kids woke up and I went on and got them ready to get up, not realising it was 4.17am.

What in the fuck. I tried to get them back to bed but that didn’t go well.

Today I need to get the dog out and then it’s chores day after a week of taking it off sick with a house of colds. Bathroom, sweeping, bllllah blah blahhhhh.


Like for the dog pic. God, 4.17 that’s the same as Rs record in the holidays, only his was PM :rofl:

Not much on today… V has a new boot sale love so maybe that, work, football, more Nordic murder telly.


Morning all :wave:

I meant to watch the tennis but I ended up falling asleep before the end and woke up at 5am! Went back to sleep in any case.

There’s a ‘heritage open day’ on today, in which s bunch of old houses and local buildings are open to the public. So we’ll probably do that, assuming it’s not too crowded.


Tired as hell cos of the tennis.

Our street is having a flea market today so we’re gonna sell some stuff and then go eat mocequa at a friend’s place. Have to find time to finish an interview task for tomorrow but it might have to wait til early tomorrow am.

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Why am I awake?! :sob:

Anyone wanna cuddle?

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Thinking of spending £25 on pasta

I needed more sleep than that.



Got an early soft play date with destiny coming up today. This is not a euphemism



Had a nice Thai meal with my friend and said he could come into the hotel if he wanted and I was kinda surprised he said yes (pleasantly surprised). We listened to the final two games of the Raducanu game and then had a nice evening/morning of making out etc :blush:

Now got to pack my stuff and work for 4 hours.

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I think the only thing we’re doing this morning is watching the marathon. The roads around us are all closed, so it’s not like we can go anywhere.

Jimbo’s got a party this afternoon, so I get some time to myself. It’s a nice day so I should make the most of it - although loads of roads will still be closed so can’t go too far

Going to :de:


Morning all.

Getting rid of my car later this morning. I’m going carless!

Nowt else of interest to report. Dog walk, dinner, etc.

I’ve had this pasta, it’s pretty good but just pasta.


We did this a while ago, used a discount code for 50% off the first order. As @hankscorpio said it was nice, but didn’t seem anywhere near worth it repeatedly.
Also if you’re gluttons like us, the portions are a bit small!

Had a look and save50 is the code we used

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Question for the parents with early waking children on here: did you all wake up mad early when you were children too?

Just wondering because my entire family are more night owls, my brother would get up at about 6am for the cartoons sometimes, but my sister and I never woke up before our parents. We never went to sleep at night though. Is it a genetic thing?

I used to wake up and watch the Flintstones at 6am! Then watch the BBC news. I have an encyclopediac knowledge of late 80s politics as a result.

My eldest gets up at 5.30am but these days she just sticks some music on quietly and reads. When she was younger, we ended up sticking a flowchart on our bedroom door guiding her as to whether she should come and disturb us or not. (I’ve posted it before I think!)


Today Dr Mrs Epimer is going to do a pretend graduation ceremony for her friend in our garden, as they never got to have one due to the 'rona.

While that is going on, I’m going to be using her Fortnite login to try to grind out battle pass rewards for her before the current season ends tomorrow.

I feel this neatly encapsulates our differences.


Which one?

The Hunt for A Killer. Pretty bleak…