There’s a heritage open day here too. The great hall, 3 museums and lots of other private buildings are all free to visit, and there are heritage busses running, so we’re planning on taking the eldest around town.

I’m working through the night tonight, starting at 5. Huge mains water leak at work this morning apparently, so parts of the shop under a couple of inches of water.

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Morning all!

Woke up late and was rewarded with pancakes.

I made the foolish decision to start running updates on my laptop at about 10.00 last night and as a result was still downloading things at about half midnight.

Our plans today involve me planning two classes for tomorrow, taking The Child to football and eating a veggie roast. I also need to shave my face because it’s really itchy.

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Got 3.5 hours sleep due to being woke up at 5am by a mouse in the kitchen (what am I gonna do etc) so that was fun. Now I’m tired and crushingly sad for some reason.


Big hugs Ivor


Don’t remember when I was a child because I wasn’t stopping to think if it was early or not, but before kids I was an early riser too

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Must be the weekend for it, because the in laws had to open up their house yesterday too. Not sure two octogenarians welcoming all and sundry into their house during a pandemic is the best idea in the world though :man_shrugging:

In Italy and the sun is shining :heart_eyes:


No milk :frowning:

Enjoy your annoyingly fun work trip hmph

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Ah no, I have a sleeping baby on me

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A pigeon just kamikazed into my bedroom window and is now sadly deceased on the ground :pensive:

Well the important thing is that you survived

I love spiders :spider:

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Still so gutted I lost my aligners. At least I’d already worn this set for 6 days but still. Why am I such a massive dick :sob:

Thought my Sunday work was going to be a challenge but it’s actually gone really well. You just need one person to work with you sometimes!

My feet are killing me though, I’ve walked 30km this week which isn’t even that much really but since the pandemic I usually only walk half of that. It was the standing for 2 hours on the terraces at Harrogate that finished me off. Definitely need to get used to standing at matches again

Morning all.

Going to do the shop we didn’t get done yesterday.

Then possibly the last couple of trips carting soil and stones from the garden to the tip, at which point we’ll be a tidy up and clean around away from being finished. Assuming the turf takes hold.

Glad that the knee and back pain I had from standing for 2 and a hours at a gig havent stuck around.

GF has some work to do so I’ll probably push on with my second crack at frost punk, which is going much better than the first now I have half a clue about what is available on the tech tree.

Made pancakes for breakfast and dished them up on the TVs favourite plate:


gonna go hang out with my nephews and niece today. looking forward to it, ain’t seen my nephews in a while.


Doing this poll again because there weren’t enough voters last night for a conclusive answer

  • Put your previous set of aligners back in
  • Nooo, that will make your teeth get wonkier

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If I don’t put them in to try to hold them in place do you think I should put them in just before my dentist appointment tomorrow so I can take a set off in front of him and not have to confess I lost a pair and haven’t been wearing anything for 2 nights?

  • Yeah! Great idea and you’ll definitely get away with it
  • No, Gnome, just be honest

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Hungover, got a four hour band practice then going straight out to a festival. Going away tomorrow and havent really packed or sorted anything out. This is all absolutely fine and great planning on my part, obviously.

Did see a cat made of flowers though.