Sunday thread



anglos a sunday, DiS

hope you got the lights on, @froglet


Morning. Just baked my 2nd sourdough loaf of the weekend.

I could do this for a living. If there was a way of making a living off baking one loaf of bread a day. Maybe two.


fell asleep on the sofa at 10.45 last night. woke up on sofa at 02.45 last night


Hello everyone!


Imagine if you woke up at 02.45 SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN THE SOFA?!



went to a deli once where they were charging £7 for a loaf. can you live off £14 a day?


I’m very much interested in this idea


Anglos one and all.
Breakfast and papers, then hanging out with my nephews for a bit, then off to king tuts later to see catholic action.


let’s make a list of the spooky emojis for future refence


:ghost: :jack_o_lantern: :spider: :spider_web: :japanese_goblin: :japanese_ogre: :skull: :skull_crossbones: :urn: :coffin: :pill: :syringe: :gun: :dagger: :knife: :levitate: :pick:


Meeting my parents at Didsbury Makers Market shortly. I’m going to pick up pie and brownie for lunch.

This afternoon is going to be making chilli, watching rugby, and going for a run to test my knee out again.


Made it to Venice on 3 hours sleep at best. 24 degrees and sunshine - time for some :wine_glass:and :octopus:


Anglos all.

Had cookies for breakfast, because I’m a proper adult. Tried out my most exciting of all guitar-related purchases: a power supply.

Dunno what to do for the rest of today, tbqfh.


i had cookies for breakfast too!!


anglos a sunday all

i’m ok, getting a tiny bit bored of my own company now, gotta head back into the city tomorrow, trying to rack my brains of someone i can stay with.





Didn’t sleep well but got up at a reasonable time. I’ve clean the bathroom and kitchen plus I did some more laundry. Off for a dog walk shortly. Will pop by and visit my grandparents before the West Ham match at 4pm.

Need some food :egg::coffee:



afternoon all

think i’m going to have a bacon sandwich for lunch and then walk into town to look at TVs and something else that i need but have totally forgotten. hopefully i’ll remember what it was by the time i get there. should also be able to get some kms onto Pokemon Go, just got enough candy to evolve my Pikachu :sunglasses:

not super exciting, but it’ll do the job for me.


That will never get old