☀ 📆 🧵 (Sunday thread)

Morning all :wave:

How are you this morning? Hope you slept well? What do you have planned for your Sundays?

Currently I’m in bed and have a pot of tea. At some stage I need to get up, make the batter for this lunchtime’s veggie toad in the hole (it’s become a bit of a superstition to make the batter first thing so it can rest, but I’m sure there’s logic to it). Sadly I need to get some work done this afternoon, which I CBA to do.

WBU? Happy Sunday :sunny:


Morning! The weather is lovely today so I’m quite keen to go do something nice outdoors


Heading back to Glasgow.

Might get another takeaway.


Morning! Got up a bit earlier than usual so I’ve done a bunch of kitchen cleaning, looks nice out there today so maybe a pleasant dog walk is on the cards! Other than that just parenting stuff, house stuff, bit of work, standard Sunday vibes. Enjoy your Sundays everyone!


Slept like a sack of crap. Going to be a bit of of trial today. We have a vegan Wellington for dinner tonight. Gonna get out and walk whilst the weather is nice

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Got to go do children’s group at church had grand plans to walk but given it starts in twenty minutes, takes ten minutes to walk there and I am unbreakfasted and hair still wet it looks unlikely.

Then it’s bit of work. Find a way to watch Liverpool.

Dinner is roasted celeriac. Telly, Bed.


Failed to do much yesterday. Off for a walk in countryside today followed by some tacos.

  • Coffee and croissant :coffee: :croissant:
  • Spin :bike:
  • Yoga :woman_in_lotus_position:
  • Shower :shower:
  • Chill :relieved: maybe a walk :walking_woman:
  • Sausage and mash :pig2::potato::carrot:

What a morning for a dog walk.

Going to see my mam later. She’s attempting a vegan bunny chow.


A real shame this involves getting up

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Why does batter get to rest all the time? What has batter done to deserve this life of slovenliness? I am interested in applying to be batter.

Tidying M’s room today, making that lovely potato and chard curry that I believe I stole from you @colon_closed_bracket and then trying for an early night as I am still so tired in the mornings since covid and waking up for school/work is near impossible


Out for a walk while my girlfriend sleeps in

Feeling sickeningly bright and breezy today.


I had to go to the shop because I was out of plain flour, and then I get to give it a good whisking. Neither of these things were restful for me, sadly



Waiting for the shopping to be delivered before 10.

See what I can knock up for breakfast from whatever is delivered and then off to the football.

Lovely wintry day for it.

Are @weeber and @spicer in the same field?


I’ll start shouting WEEBER and let’s find out




Anyway, terrible night thanks to the cats going crazy and waking Jimbo up at 3am. Thankfully I got him back to sleep.

He didn’t fancy doing Junior ParkRun this morning, so I thought I’d go and do 2k on my own while everyone else was still in bed, and I got my first post lockdown sub five minute kilometre, so I’m glad I went out. Now to make all my kilometres less than five minutes (ha!)

Jimbo’s got a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I’ve got a couple of free hours to myself. Might go and watch the sunset on the beach if it stays like this


Hungover. Got no butter so breakfast is a write off and my tummy is rumbling. Might take myself out for breakfast

Was supposed to be going to the cinema this afternoon with someone who I went for coffee with previously but things have gone a bit :grimacing::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: and I’ve just messaged her to cancel. Little worried, hate this sort of thing

Why is this problem illustrated with a picture of someone squeezing a zit :grinning:?