Sunday Thread



Hi kids, the sun’s shining but it’s cold as fuck. If you’re going out, wrap up warm.
I have not been to sleep (yet).
Anyway I really like y’all and am thankful for you putting up with my shit, and a lot of us are going through some stuff lately so if you can I strongly recommend treating yourself.
Eat everything, laze around, ring yer ma/pa/loved ones.

Topics to talk about: suggest things I can dress up for Halloween stuff next weekend, or just tell me what lovely stuff you are going to eat for yer din-dins.
A lot of you fuckers are going to say pizza aren’t ya. Maybe make up something really unusual that might inspire me/others to get cooking too. Something with artichokes.
Also before you say anything, Monday’ll be fine. It’s a way off yet, and let’s be honest. It’s always fine. You’ll be alright.


Going to have a breakfast of hummous and crisps and no fucker is going to stop me.

Why no sleep? You had a busy night or a real quiet one?


I’ve abandoned my planned board game session owing to my cold. It’s not that bad, but when the friend you’re supposed to be playing with is undergoing treatment which knocks out their immune system, it isn’t really fair to risk passing it on. Ironic that Pandemic was going to be the game of choice.

Probably going to lie on the sofa and watch rugby / football / Netflix.

Dinner tonight will be roast Sausage (Cracked black pepper from 3 pig butchers in Didsbury) and Veg (Sweet potato, onion, pepper) with Gravy and Mustard.


Stayed up with my flatmate and an all time dog getting fucked up. It was really nice. Heartwarming even, which is hard to do when it gets colder every day.

Mate hummous and crisps are fucking amazing, and I envy you a bunch. My other flatmate has gone on a tour for a couple weeks and left an unopened tub of the good stuff in the fridge. It’s gonna go bad before he comes back, plus he gets to swan around europe, so I think I’m nabbing that fucker when I wake up.

Hope you have a cracker of a day anyway Otto, you’re great. Let folks know it.


The veg alone’s got me salivating there man, grab a good bottle of wine to go with it, maybe something decadent for afters, really push the boat out.


Right, off now. See y’all in a bit. Night!


If you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with a toilet paper mummy wrap around (unless it rains). My wife’s gone down the nightmare before Christmas route:

Today’s eating will be at a country pub with my mum as she’s down from the north, and my sister, brother in law and nephews. Should he a nice family afternoon out.



I’m going to wander to the co-op (PANDEMIC PUN) for ridiculously unhealthy breakfast in a minute. My board game plans have also been cancelled, which is a shame, because I was going to introduce people to this beautiful motherfucker:

But now I’ll just watch a Netrunner tournament stream all day instead. It’s my FA Cup final.


Oooh, what game is that?!


What is that?

Are you going to get Seafall?

Played Mysterium with my extended family yesterday afternoon. Went down a treat. Such a good game.


It’s Scythe. I think it’s out at retail now, mine is from Kickstarter, and it’s the Collector’s Edition because I’ve got more money than sense. If you zoom in you can see at the top of the board, instead of cubes for resources, there are little resin oil drums, a resin log and a resin sack of grain. Squee.



Surprisingly not too hungover which is fantastic. He weather looks beautiful out! Shame that I’m going to be spending it in the basement of comic shop. Ho hum.

Food wise, not thought much beyond breakfast which will involve bacon and coffee, no doubt. Although some eggs Florentine are what I really fancy.

Halloween wise, a friend mentioned about going out as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time but the thought of all that yellow body paint is putting me off.

Hope everyone has a nice one!


Scythe. Excellent game, much simpler to play than it looks. Astonishingly well designed

I’m not going to bother with Seafall, the SUSD review put me off and I wasn’t on the hype train to begin with really.

Mysterium looks excellent, but I’ve never played it. I tried to buy it at new year when we were having people round and I wanted something for bigger player counts, but it was out of print everywhere at the time.


woke up not knowing whether the clocks had changed.
it seems like they haven’t


It is cold and I am on a train.

Thinking of going as one of the kids from Stranger Things, just need a few standard clothes. Could go for 11 but don’t really fancy shaving my head


have they?!?


Ah. you mentioned it before so read a couple of reviews. Sounds cool- keep meaning to see if I can find a play through on you tube.


no they haven’t


End of the month!


(I’m asleep now I promise)
Do you work in a comic book store? If it’s in London I’ll come down and haunt you one day.
Pop an egg on that brekkie man, only one life. Let’s fucking own this Sunday.