Sunday Thread

Alright? Got woken up in the night by another massive storm and now I’m tired and still in a bit of mood-hole. Got some stuff to do around the house today but hopefully a whole lot of nothing also.

Morning Funks et al!

I’m just up.

I don’t really have any plans today other than grocery shopping. I’m quite happy about that.

Feel gross. Have rearranged my morning plans and might not bother with my afternoon ones.

Reading and having breakfast in bed :sun_with_face:

Whole family has a cold so that’s good. Don’t really fancy doing anything today.

All the hugs to you funky and anyone else struggling or feeling grotty :heart::heart:


Another one with no real plans

Was going to be ultra productive at cleaning and sorting but dog vomited on our bed at 6.30 after demanding breakfast so now we are all just tired

Maybe will whack the hoover round as a nod to maintaining some sort of order

I’m very achey. Went on a mountain walk yesterdee with my dad, uncle, and cousin (please note: three separate people)


Morning all :wave:

Another one for the snotty grotty club. Had a bad and feverish night sleep where I was stuck in a dream loop about something work related.

On the positive side of things, I made today’s dinner yesterday so I just have to put that in the oven.

Maybe going putting if the weather allows, extent of the real plans

Otherwise food, board games, reading, food, film

Pretty tired. Not slept much the last two nights. Hard when you’re with someone new and excited about waking up with them isn’t it?



Love it when I’ve prepped today yesterday

Very rare though

Went to bed with some #realplans for today, but woke up early doors and ate a load of baked camembert and now the whole day’s a write-off.


So grumpy and tense lately. I need to chill out.

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Got woken up at 4am by Shades chasing a mouse around the bedroom AGAIN - 4th time this week

Although this time I didn’t actually get out of bed as I was way too drunk & tired after having come home from a wedding at 2am

So when I finally did get up at 9 I opened my eyes to see a dead mouse lying on the floor next to be bed. Thanks a million cat twat

Was not sure if this one was a new one that Shades brought in last night or whether it’s the one I saw a couple of mornings aho that we failed to catch

But just now I heard some faint, faint scratching about in the corner of the kitchen & after a little bit of back & forth managed to humanely capture & release this little fella back to the wild

I think - I hope - that the flat is now mouse-free… gonna make sure I lock the catflap tonight when I go to bed


Very hungover, and it’s my nephew’s baptism today. Fun times ahead.

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Webt for a hike rpund woodingdean and checked out the sunflowers before the summer ends in about… now

Back to my fuck tesco agenda as i went to vuy a 4 pack of aeros for 1.50 beeped em in, scanned my clubcard and it didnt deduct the price leaving me awkwardly cancelling the teansaction because i didnt have 1.75 in my bank account :sweat_smile: fuck you tesco abd your misleading pricing, bullied enforcment of a clubcard and your shitty stores

Still ill taoe the positive and try to burrow another embarrassing encounter in oublic because i got big plans this weekend

Thanks for the tip but I think we’re just gonna try and stop her coming in with them by locking the catflap. She always comes in around 4 to 5am which I guess is sunrise twighlight peak hunting time

If she wants to play with them outside then that’s fine

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Gonna play tennis and then pick someone up from the airport

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Been put for a potter.

Need to drink a load of water today to survive

Hi friends :wave:

I’ve not really been here much the last few weeks as life has been busy and a bit overwhelming. I hope you’re all good.

I’m sad the weather has turned but glad we’ve had a week or so of sun :sun_with_face:

It’s the new academic year and I’m back to traveling to campus every week from tomorrow :cry: but today I am going for a pub roast with my bf’s friends.