Sunday Thread

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Bored lads. Don’t make me watch Leeds United

Can’t stand that patronisingly mawkish reach out advert.

It’s on

Also got mum into Olivia Rodrigo

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Trying to do a big clean of the house, while cooking a big pot of chilli, and I am intermittently watching High Fidelity. High Fidelity is a great movie which I have never seen before. I think it is very well written and all the sets ect are very good


The TV adaptation is well worth a watch too, scratches the same itch but with enough tweaks and modern updates to be fresh

I was wondering what it would be like. If the production design is up to snuff with the movie it couldn’t be getting too much wrong!

I am minorly geeking out at each instance of a record I know appearing on screen.

(Back to hoovering)


Yesterday’s vertigo is mostly gone so I managed to get out of bed before 7pm today

Off to see a Grayson Perry thing at the Dome tonight. I did have a ticket to see Tiny Ruins, but thankfully a friend offered to take it off my hands

Not into them or just gigged out

We’re all just counting down the hours til it’s reasonable to go to bed, right?

(Can’t get a poll to work)

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It would have been three gigs in three nights, but actually the Grayson Perry tickets were a birthday present from my other half (bought when I hadn’t put the gig in the diary), so that decided which one I would go to. Shame about Tiny Ruins though

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Are you releasing them a long way away? Apparently if it’s less than two miles there’s a good chance you’re catching the same mice again and again…

The Dread is high.

I think it’s usually OK if your cat is bringing them in rather than them making their own way in and setting up home in your house. I’ve always just chucked the ones brought in by cats back out into the garden, anyway, and the only way they ever came back in was being caught by the cat again.


Made roast dinner, stripped the carcass, got the carcass in the slow cooker for stock making, washed up, had a brownie with ice cream. Now got a G&T and watching the rugby build up.


Evening troops. Officially on holiday at last; Tenerife tomorrow but for now it’s mainland beer time


(the state of that pour)


Bigger head than me


Whereabouts you mainlanding