Sunday thread


It’s cold.
some sporting events will be decided today.
what are you up to


In the office, working.


at a cafe cause our internet is down

I really really don’t like Oxford. Every time I go on Facebook there’s pictures of perfectly nice people in ‘formal’ attire looking really happy to be at Oxford and it makes me feel angry and confused.


Yeah I’m not huge on it tbh. Still a big homeless population?


How come? Is it the place itself or that the people you have to work with?


Watching Elmo in grouchland. Don’t really do the whole sit in front of the TV thing but poor little one has a cold and it’s not much fun for her, so we’re under a blanket getting cosy and being lazy.

Off to dad in law’s for lunch, might come home and brew depending on when we chip off.


don’t think i’d wanna live there, seems like it’d be pretty isolating if you don’t feel at home amongst really posh students


it’s the institution. individually most people are fine. but yeah a combination of how rich/expensive/exclusive the city is, the fact that people at the university seem to live in a different world from those around them driving buses, serving them in shops, cleaning up after them. it feels like you’re either really posh anyway and this is just an extension of your extremely privileged upbringing, or you’re not and you’re then meant to feel this sense of ‘excitement’ about it all and you’re meant to learn to internalise things about this new world that you’re special enough to now be a part of.


I think in a way it is easier for International students, cause to them it’s a cultural thing mostly rather than entirely a class thing for British students. There are also basically no Scottish or Welsh or Irish people.


It doesn’t take an Oxbridge degree to work out that Oxford was gonna be full of posh students! Doh!


Making bacon sarnies for 9 people, then mooching round an Xmas market for the afternoon


Sounds kinda nice. Your sandwich recipients a good bunch?


not really my point though… I knew that most people here are going to be posh and to some extent insufferable. Doesn’t really show what it’s gonna be like for all the people who’re not really posh and how much you have to assimilate or feel really isolated.


who are you rooting for

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  • Rosberg

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Davis Cup

  • Argentina
  • Croatia

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I’m watching a Miss Marple on ITV3. I can’t get Yoda from out my head.


you need to meet and hang out with brookes students, some of them are still posh bellends but plenty of them are normal open minded people (plenty of them will be doing those jobs you mention)

get yourself down cowley road


yeah. It’s pretty different here from the UK obv but when I moved to Leiden i was kind of grossed out by some of the fraternity stuff but still felt more detached from it than would’ve done at home


I do wonder sometimes whether it’s got worse since I was there over a decade ago. Or maybe I was lucky in having a group of friends in college who weren’t arseholes or from a privileged background. Plenty of Irish,Scottish and Welsh people (including me) there back then too.

Obviously it is quite geared towards people with a certain upbringing (I remember for example lecturers saying stuff in Latin and just assuming that we’d all know what they were on about), but I actually quite enjoyed all the daft ceremonies and dressing up as it was all so laughably ridiculous.

The divide between the University and the rest of the city is pretty saddening and uncomfortable , though.


I was about to ask why you closed the poll, then i realised noone had actually voted :grinning:

Might as well hope our ruddy gruddy lewis pulls off a good comeback even though i don’t watch the forumla 1 anymore.


He should’ve included a “don’t give a fuck” option.