Sunday throw down.

I finished a bacon roll five minutes ago and that’s still made me hungry.
In other news, I’m on my way to Anfield and really hoping ITV Hub doesn’t die on its fucking arse again for the last 20 minutes of the rugby.
I also managed to squeeze “Volatile swingers” into a headline for the newspaper yesterday for a story about swing voters in a pre-Christmas election. This is good, I think.

Flavour would still be there if you slow cooked it. You’d miss out on the crispy crusty bits but it’d still be alright I reckon. I’ll DM you the recipe :slight_smile:


I’d probably chuck it in the oven for 20 minutes at the end tbh.


On our way to london for some art gallery fun and culture. 60s dresses ahoy!


Could you possibly slide into my dms too

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Just tidied the house. I’m writing some books for primary school maths kids at the moment and way behind, so that’s gonna be most of my day today. Probably why I tidied the house tbh :joy:


Morning crew

Only the 6am wake up today, which was really 7am so that is ok. Got long day to fill though with nothing in particular to do. I miss the old Sunday morning routine of going to my nan’s :cry:

Hello! Had a lovely day yesterday with Tilts and some of my atds. Really wanted to take misty to the Forest but because I ate so much crap yesterday it’s playing havoc with my insides :weary:


Just started watching succession :heart:

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I feel I must apologise for the swizzels

Anglos all,

Opera was very good last night. As was good beforehand.

Off now to take Jackson for a big Sunday morn walk. Lovely outside. :+1:

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So many memories of that place (we went twice a year for about 14 years). Enjoy all the guys telling you their grandma hand carved the goods they’ve clearly had mass produced :see_no_evil:

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Left ear is a bit fucked from standing next to two hard-hitting drummers yesterday. People were very happy with what we did though so I’m happy.

Going to see some jazz today, drink some pints.


Echoing everyone else here but fucking Hell that all looks so good.


Did a run. Now coffee and rugby. Food shop later then more sport and TV :man_shrugging:

Morning everyone

On the sofa listening to Carrie and Lowell. Had coffee and Cheerios already. Only plans for the day are to do some cleaning and more music stuff


Still feel shit. Not entirely sure what time it actually is and even though it makes no difference to my day it’s oddly disorienting.

Ha I didn’t have any of those! I’ve still got loads of sweets left :joy:

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Go to the park and kick some leaves? Is a good leaf kicking day


Watch out for covert dog poo.

Been persuaded to go for “a run”. Very cba.

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