Sunday Time!

Morning All! I decided to live decadently this morning. I added a couple of sausages to my bacon sandwich.

  • Rarity you daughter of a bitch you’ve done it again
  • Oooh go on smack a bit of ketchup on yes mmm a little bit more
  • Yeah but you didn’t think to buy hash browns to whack on there did you?

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Can’t I vote for all 3?

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Slept a bit crap.

Gonna take it easy today, maybe go the stasi museum

Got to get up for work. Don’t wanna.

You can now!


Good morning :wave:

Need to eat breakfast… (got some pancakes and coffee) already thinking about what to have for lunch… :upside_down_face:

Today I will do a few bits to my bike then lay around.

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Out for a long walk today, hope my lazy arse can cope

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Start making your polls public!

Morning all!

@Rarity - I’m not generally a fan of bacon and sausage sandwiches but I respect your right to enjoy that combination. Hash browns would be an excellent addition to most breakfasts.

I’ve had Nutella on toast, like a grown up.

My plans today involve marking some exams, remembering to ring my brother and hopefully finishing Nuka World.


I don’t know how :frowning:

Off to work ain’t I. Yay!

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Little bit of a head.

Off out to enjoy a market.

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  • fry up
  • fry down

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Fry me to the moon


Fry day nights alright for fighting

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Tick the little box that says ‘show who’s voted’ :smiley:


  • Like this?
  • Or like this?

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Morning everyone!

@Rarity Good choice on the sandwich. Bacon and sausage sandwiches are amazing, bit of tommy-t on top and you have a great thing.

I had porridge with honey and peanut butter as going for a long run this morning…though still sat in bed willing myself to move.

Looking forward to a night out with my partner for noodles and James Acaster :slight_smile:


Enjoy Acaster Chebbles! Love him live.

Morning everyone!

What a start to the day