Sunday [title has already been used]

Morning DiSees

Fell asleep unexpectedly early last night, and while the 11 hours of sleep was pretty great, I feel like I cheated myself out of my very important alone time. Also hadn’t brushed my teeth so felt very yucky.

No plans today. Might have gone out but the trains are fucked, so :man_shrugging:

Your turn now…

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Pretty hungover so sweating to death in 34c Bangkok.
Went and had poutine which was amazing hangover food


Up from 2-3:30 with the silly baby. Up again at 6 with the silly baby. TV is being taken to a spa by her ma today so it’s me, silly baby, and father-in-law. In-laws staying over again this evening which means we don’t get our Sunday evening downtime.

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Morning - went out for a very nice steak last night, then fell asleep on the sofa for a few hours before getting to bed

Mildly hungover now, still in bed.


There’s something on your face


Woken up grumpy today for some reason. Had an amazing Negroni last night.

Not many plans today. Laundry and playing football mostly.

Doing some life laundry today and one thing is sorting out some bits with the website.

We’ve run out of storage space and wanted to try deleting some of the old selfie threads. Can you let me know on this thread if that’s an issue for anyone?


No issue for me!


We had 12.30-4 today. As we are staying with friends, we couldn’t do our normal routine of leaving her to cry it out. Frustrating. Ended up with her sleeping in with us, which I hate. Tired now

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Hi. Nice and sunny here, fresh and cold too, perfect for a walk or something. I’m off to work.

Do it, man. If the mods could set those threads to autodelete i’m sure most people would be in favour.


Absolutely pissing down and blowing a gale in grundarfjörður which might scupper our plans to go to the national park and explore. Fine though because in lieu of that there’s… uhhh… ummm. :man_shrugging:

Morning. Not getting up til 10.

No much planned. Looks dry and might rise as high as 6 degrees, so will either make the most of that… Or sit in my onesie.

Might go see the new Terence Malick film.

Probably watch the first NFL game later.

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Just got back home after my second consecutive night shift. Just one more left tonight.

Both kids up at 5:30
Went to bed at 1:30
Taking them out for coffee (they won’t be drinking coffee)

Morning all.

Did a biggish run yesterday. Was going to go into work after but thought ‘sod it’, picked up my coat and headed for the Tate modern. Good decision.

Then went on a date that seemed to go well. As with all interactions between northerners, the chat went from cautious and suspicious to basically taking the piss out of each other for three hours. Fun times.

Then went to a birthday party. also fun times.

On a train to st Albans for a ten mile race, always a great event.


Went to see Witness For The Prosecution last night at county hall and it was v good and a cool setting, I’d really recommend it!

Off to double gym classes now but only 1 of my usual 2 as we’re off for a 40th birthday pub lunch :+1:t2:



We got 8 inches of snow last night, so im about to bust out the snow blower at 4am and wake up the neighborhood. Then french toast, walk with the dogs a bit, listen to records/read, and gear up for the NFL divisional round playoffs.

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Ooft. My failsafe is blasting her with black metal which doesn’t translate well outside our house!


Morning all!

I’ve got responsibility for The Child again and I’m aiming for a less ambitious day than yesterday: Grocery shopping and a coffee shop visit (because these are two of her favourite activities.)

A man is coming in an hour to rip out some wardrobes in my bedroom (not a euphemism) which could be really easy or really difficult depending on whether he’s right about load bearing walls.