Sunday we'll be together

Morning all! Hope you’re all okay and slept well. Much planned for the day?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of DiS. What a GBODs you are.

Should probably press “create topic” before someone else posts a morning thread. I’m living dangerously.


Good morning!
Sundays are “lavish love, affection, and snackies on the cat” days.


Morning. Happy dad’s day to those dads out there.

It’s wet out there, I have no breakfast bits in. No real plans. Probably a walk of sorts of it clears up

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Morning, happy fathers day! Up and at em to go fishing, then back home for a big breakfast in a couple of hours.

Probably just listening to records, reading and watching films all day.

Top sundaying if you ask me.


What is it, 3am there?

3:15, #dedication


Early fisherman catches the fish?


It’s the longest day of the year, too bad about the rain

Have you seen the weather for next week though? It’s going to be :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


Morning and happy father’s Day to all the excellent DiS dad bunch out there.

Got no plans beyond maybe a walk, definitely the big match and probably some work.

Super sunny here :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sunglasses:

Silly baby up at 5:30. Hasn’t even wished me HFD :roll_eyes:


Morning c_c_b, morning everyone, happy Father’s Day to the Dads in Sound. This light drizzle is making me very glad I did the garden yesterday, although the Withervane (ok, the BBC) says it’ll be brighter later. Today’s definites are: bacon bap breakfast, start my annual performance review and the Merseyside derby. The rest is up for grabs.

:wave: morning everyone
HFD to all the dis dads out there.

Been baking some bread, made some soup for later.

Need to grab the paper for my neighbour, clean the bikes then watch football.

Making lasagne later on.


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Happy Fathers Day DiS dads!

I did get a lie in, kind of - the boy slept until about 7.15, then I stayed in bed for another 45 minutes. Lovely.

Pancakes for breakfast this morning, coffee and cake in the park after the rain stops, and a roast dinner later.

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Morning all!

Moderate lie in this morning, followed by a very tasty bacon and egg sandwich. We’re currently watching all of the Hey Duggee episodes I haven’t seen because we don’t get up for work anymore.

We’re ordering a Nando’s via the website as I type for collection later.

HFD to the cool dads and anglos a all

Guess I should probably call my dad at some stage and get R to call his.

Other than that… dunno. Feel really flat and sad now R’s birthday as gone as that was the last set thing I had to look forward to and there is no ability to make any more plans as who knows when they can actually happen :-1:


Start prepping for next year.

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Ooof looks like a Taps An week.

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Happy birthday to all the dads

Summer II starts today, enjoy guys x

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