Sunday what are you not doing? thread

Morning :sunrise:

So we’ve lost an hour so I guess today I will not be able to do any sorting if clothes for the charity bag. Never mind.

What are you not doing today??


I am not getting an extra hour in bed before work. Also hi slicky :heart:


Hi!! My break is done, back to dis like never before. (just like before)


Same. I think. For now. Maybe. Who knows!


morning slicky / DiS

today i will not be changing a single clock they’re all automatic (probably)

It’s the cars that don’t isn’t it?

And the microwave.

Luckily changing clocks is ‘not my job’

Morning DiS

Up and out for an early run, I’ve put on a load of weight in this lockdown so trying to get myself back on it; I’ve misplaced (a) my running mojo and (b) my ability to stop eating constantly.

That said, I’ll be giving this a spin today, but can’t decide if it’ll be lunch or tea. Lunch feels like the right call but given the clocks changing, it might feel too much like a late breakfast.


Good morning British Summer Time.

Was awake at 06:30 which is very wrong.

Yesterday I did some whittling. Felt very Ray Mears.

Today I’ll be watching cycling for hours


Morning everyone.

We’re back to a 5 hour gap between here and Canada which is sad. Always good to talk to the CanFam earlier.

Clock in the kitchen has been switched. Got to do the two analogue clocks and the sunlight lamp, and the car(s). And a few watches I think, the kids ones.

Fuck, actually it’s a pain in the arse isn’t it.

What’s with that fucking logo on the screen on the cricket?

Looks like another hellish day in a long run of hellish days here at the tat factory.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day


changing the clocks has taken a whole hour away from being able to listen to this bop


My back is still gowping and it is proving difficult to get comfortable. Bending over, which is a constant requirement of having bairns, is not good.

I’m sure it’ll pass.

Got a busy day at work tomorrow so I’ll need to do a bit of prep for that. Rest of the week should be pretty easy.

Looking forward to/dreading the Scotland game later.

Have a great day, everyone… especially our returning dissers who were sadly missed.

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Good morning,
Can’t stop thinking about making some Rocky Road.

  • Put Crunchies in the Rocky Road
  • Don’t do that for some reason

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Thought you were meant to be good at polls.

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You absolute fucking genius. Do want.

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I will not be hunting monsters with Muffin and Tomothy for an extra hour today.

Really need to cut my hair today. Sad hour googling “receding hairline hairstyles” has not been particularly inspirational.

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The BCCI logo?