Sunday (what time is it?)

Hey there. Sunday, innit? I plan to sit on the sofa…

Is it really 6.50am?

ah fuck. i got up thinking it was 8 but it was really 9 but it’s really 7 isn’t it


Morning. The weekend the clocks go forward is normally one of my favourite weekends of the year. I love that first evening when it’s 7.30 and still light! It’s been overshadowed this year, but maybe I’ll take my state-sanctioned exercise in the early evening to commemorate.

No plans, obvs. Might make a chorizo and bean stew.

I’m still in the state of… ennui…?.. where I don’t know if digital clocks have auto changed or not. I might be an hour late for doing nothing all day.

anyway, i’m making a scrambled omelette

‘mixed size’ packs of eggs are shite aren’t they? you think it might add a bit of fun and mystery to using eggs, but in reality some of them are just smaller than you would like


Got about 2 hours sleep. Mad how much sugary drinks can affect your sleep when you haven’t had them in a while. Think I’ll give them the ol heave ho except for mixers on nights out.


Morning all!

Despite daylight saving stealing my time, I feel like I had a lie in because The Child slept until 7.30 rather than 6.30.

No plans today aside from probably making some charred broccoli pasta later.


No plans, think I’ll go back to sleep.

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plans for today:

finish the jigsaw currently on the table
drink coffee
do a turbo
possibly go to the shop for eggs, ginger and chilli

Alright? Wish I could go back to sleep after I’ve woken up, have never been able to. Got to spend some of the day sorting and putting away clothes now they have somewhere to go, other than that, who knows.



That sounds nice…details??

Alarm went off at a furious volume at 8 (actually 7 etc) as usually get up for church. So I’ve made tea and back in bed for a bit. Like the new 6music weekend, 8-11 gives me much more time to get dressed and sorted and still feel on time :smile:


Oooh and I dreamt I met Klopp. Well, I say net, I walked past him and said hi and he said hello then I realised u had got to a up escalator when I wanted to go down so I had to turn and walk back past in an embarassed way.



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This is the base recipe but it has been customised and may be my submission to the recipe book.

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Sorry, what are these?



I slept better than I have in a while. Woken up (as I have been every day this week) by Bramble crying for his painkillers.

Today I will make a roast dinner whilst wearing my pyjamas.

Gooood morning! We’ve got too many clocks that need changing in here so I’m stuck between ‘modern time’ I.e in my phone and laptop, and ‘traditional time’, that being my watch and oven and clocks etc. Might have two lunches as a result, anything could happen!

Hope everyone’s doing okay today.


GWS Bramble