Morning. I’m off to clean the bathroom (not a euphemism).

What are you lot up to?



Fuck all


Drank far too much gin last night. Really struggling.

Please send me positive energy.



Bored. Bored. Bored.


Was just chilling wiv ma boy but now they’ve gone out so probs gonna head to a coffe shop and do some revision for an exam like a wanka


Hand still hurts, taken more painkillers. Got work cover for a few hours in a bit.




Gonna go out and get some coffee/breakfast, then got my tax return to do.


Alright? Got up about 30 minutes ago.

Latest I’ve ever stayed in bed when not ill. I feel dirty.

Desperately need to paint some terminators but the weathers too overcast to spray them :sweat:

EDIT: So its a choice between getting frustrated with Liverpoool on FM17 and a totally homegrown team in 2021 or getting my Night Goblin Empire pillaged by The Wood Elfs on Total War


Going out for a walk. Somehow hungover on about 4 beers wtf.


i’m so bored.


Hi cowcow


Night Gobbos every time


Yeah loving Skarsnik (painting a night goblin army I had in boxes from it, in fact!)


I am making pancakes then come up with questionnaire questions for my dissertation.


bad hair day


I’m slightly hungover and have spent the last three hours fixing the thinly veiled’s computer and installing a new hard drive into it, while she sleeps on the bed next to me snoring quite loudly. Which she never does usually.

Days off like this are truly the reason for living.


Sunday Sunday Sunday

I was meant to get up and clean my house but I have not done that.gonna go to tesco, put a wash on, listen to some can and try and tidy.

Have a good day everyone


You and me both


:thinking: someone go get me some strawberry milkshake yeah?