Good afternoon. Didn’t get to sleep until seven this morning. Ended up taking some fun stuff at the gig I went to. Might go for brunch to feel normal again.


my creepy cunt of an upstairs neighbour has been playing loud porn for about 6 hours a day for the past few weeks. not really on is it. going to have to tell off a 60-something year old man for excessive wanking aren’t I?

That is odd behaviour. Surely porn is something to be consumed at the absolute minimum volume possible.

Maybe he’s very hard of hearing?

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His hearing is fine. What makes it worse is that he seems to be playing one or two different videos or scenes or whatever on loop… like the exact same set of groaning noises for hours and hours on end blasting through my ceiling. Properly mystifying behaviour. So far I’ve just been like, nah let it slide maaaaan, but its actually pretty grim hearing this stuff every morning/night. Going to have to have a word. Really don’t want to discuss this aspect of his life with him but Something Must Be Done.

Ask him if you can come in for a wank.


What an inconsiderate wanker.


Thank you for this valuable contribution


Hey gang!

I just got home from work. Chillaxing for a bit now and then going to make a big soup for me and my sister and her “friend”. It’s going to have ALL of the good things in it and I plan to have quite a bit of wine with it as well.


I caved.


Sometimes breathing is enough. Keep doing that and you’ll be ok. Hope you get closer to just 100% soon <3

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fuuuuck I want a beer!

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I also caved and came to my pals pub for their amazing French onion soup and a beer, ok 2 beers. Right 3, fuck off already…I’m gonna get a 4th

I made a big pot of stew and had a nap.

I’m at that dangerous point where I’m convinced a beer would sort me right out.


That’s an ominous pint…

bad depression and anxiety today, going to drink alcohol and feel guilty I think

I’m sticking with two here, I swear!

Yeah, it is a foreboding beverage. Can’t get lairy though, going on a date at eight o’clock!

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DATE NIGHT FOR KALLGEESE! Excellent. Going pub or what?