BOOM! Bamnan making a thread!

How’s it going? I’m really surprised that my legs & feet feel ok after a 6 hour walk yesterday.

Make the right choice as today the weather looks grim which is fine by me as I will be playing Zelda most of the day I think.


Zelda involves a lot of walking, doesn’t it?

It’s Wor Lass’s birthday so she’s baking herself a birthday cake before we go for brunch and then more food later.


Morning Bam with your legs of steel!!

Got up for the gym… a half hour too early, bah humbug. There’s a cool antiques fair on in another part of the building though so im a wee bit tempted! Though I’ve only got a fiver on me.

The two drunkards came in at 5 this morning and scoffed some biscuits, I hope they enjoyed them in their mindless, drunken stupor :slight_smile: haha.

Enjoy Zelda!! I’m mega jealous!


what does wor lass mean?


I’d love to be self-assured enough to be a gym person, would probably be a fun way to start your day.

Yeah Zelda is kind of amazing. What kind of biscuits are we talking?


You got a Switch? Boys desperate for one but I think they have enough consoles…

Got to make scones and then do a load of interview prep today. Got a 2/3 hour online lecture I should really look at but chances are low tbh.


yeah, there’s not much out for it yet but I can see when they release mario kart later this year it will be a great one for kids. It’s a lot of money for responsible adult people though.


Oh god, I’m not self-assured! I only go to one class because I’m still working up the courage to try a new one :joy: I only do gym classes, I don’t have a membership that allows me access to the gym too. I always felt a little bit self conscious but mainly I found it too easy to quit after 15 mins. With a class you can’t really leave (well, you obviously can but it’ll be noticed). You’d be fine I think, gym staff are really friendly and helpful!

Check out the sat night thread, I posted a photo in the first post of el biscuits!


wow they look really delicious and very tidy!


Thaaanks Bam :slight_smile:


I’m so bad at cooking it’s one of those grown up skills I will never bother with


I am the hangover.


what was the culprit?


Crate brewery bammers. I think I tried every beer they had including a watermelon wheat, a lemon gose and a raspberry sour. I feel a bit sick even typing that out :mask:


hmmm watermelon wheat sounds potentially great?


I’m sure it was my man, I’m sure it was.


Anglos all,
Went to see moonlight last night, it was good. Then drank all the booze that @Jeremys_Iron didn’t drink.

The gf wants to watch godfather part 1 and 2 today as she’s never seen them. Fine by me


Ooft that sounds like the perfect Sunday!


jesus christ just got a bonus for winning 1000 games of hearthstone. considering I probably win about 50% of the time that means I’ve played 2000 games in the last 6 months.

I need to have a word with myself


how was the watermelon wheat beer?