The correct way to eat boiled eggs and soldiers

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Is it because you’ve caused the Great Fire of Glasgow because someone on the internet told you to?


Wooooah-oh I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in Scotland


At least I’ll die eating fish and chips

People eat them another way???

It was a call-back to the Racist Sandwiches thread:

I was going to plonk some chopsticks next to my plate but I thought that might be a bit too far.

i like it when @ccb explains his jokes


He did ask for (or at least invite) an explanation, to be fair!


Damn that Witches

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I had the best two days, sorry too get all namedroppy but i met Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine fame last night after my gig. She tapped me on the shoulder and said “I think your’re friends with my bandmate James (Sedwards in Thurston Moore’s band), you were really good tonight”. I totally freaked out and was giddily saying how awesome she is and she started laughing and hugged me for a good 20 seconds. It was calming and she was so serene and zen. I’ve met a few people from bands I love but that ranks up as the best encounter. I’ll always remember that.

Anyway other than getting over that I spent this morning/afternoon watching music documentaries in bed and dozing with my girlfriend, first day in over a month I haven’t had to travel anywhere or do antything.


Steak, chips, garlic butter. You just can’t go wrong


Well done with bit of ketchup. Heaven

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Back in Edinbra with a bag full of Lyons Tea and some more of my records which I’m bringing over bit by bit

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Ketchup, pffft

One of the most overrated condiments, Sad!

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do you have friends over there or will no one kenya

not remotely sorry about this


depends how kenya are

Agreed. Sad.

this is bad and relies on a bad pronunciation of Kenya. If it sounds up your street and it fits around your current life well then go for it