Alright? Had a really nice day yesterday with a friend, went walking in the forest in Djugården as the sun was out, then drank cheap beers and ate meatballs. This morning when I woke up I reached for my phone, fell out of bed, and did a roly poly into a standing position. Might start doing that every morning.

Not sure what I’m going to do today, probably not too much.

hbu. feeling good?


Morning ssf. Finished work relatively late yesterday. Pretty tired this morning. Listening to a GoldFlakePaint playlist in bed, then off to look at wedding venues later. Pretty cba tbh.

Have a good day everybody


Probably spend the day reading, peeling off wallpaper from the bedroom ceiling, and drinking tea. Oh, and need to pick up a hose from Wickes.


Good luck with the wedding venues


Was wide awake at 7 this morning so I’ve already sunk 90 mins into Nioh. TV is out all day so i will probably just play video games and maybe go climbing.


Morning all. On the rail replacement bus from LDS to MIA. It’s fairly grim and I’m effin starving.


Hullo all. Off down to the shire to see the family for a meal and take my niece birthday presents. That’s about all.

(Coffee and frasier first, obviously)


I’ve got a lesson to plan today but aside from that, my plans are the same (although Fallout substituted for Nioh.)



Getting married eh? Congratulations!


Anglos, DiS.

Mildly hungover but nothing another cup of tea and a pile of bacon and a egg won’t fix.
I think I’m going to watch S2 of Love today.


@thewarn @AphexTwinkletoes cheers guys. Proposed 11 months ago, but only recently started looking at plans due to living in separate parts of the country/having no money for deposits.

But not going to lie, part of me wants to stay in and watch cycling all day. Them’s the breaks.


Zelda day!


woah I’m going to Geneva woahhh back to the palm trees :palm_tree:


Morning, slightly hungover.

Apparently I can no longer sleep past 8 in the morning or go back to sleep when I’m hungover, so I’ve been up for a couple of hours now.

Not got much to do today. Sort out work shirts for the week etc.

Thinking of going shopping and getting the stuff I need to do roast sausage with a root veg rosti tonight.


On the bus, right. Someone just got on with a coffee with no lid and spilled it all over the floor and has just left it. Now theyve got it precariously balanced on a seat while theyre texting with both hands on their phone. Had to move away from them, was stressing me out.


Friend who was supposed to be watching the old firm with has cancelled due to illness. So another day to fill.

Probably go for a walk in the park.


They got off and left their empty cup on the seat. Unbelievable!!!


I think now is time for you to step up (and I can think of no one more suitable) to your natural vocation of



woke up at 7 and switched on the playstation for an episode of rick and morty. i woke up again at 10 and the television had mysteriously changed channel to bbc1 abd and i was treated to bug questions with nicky man :scream:


I put their cup in the bin