What do you have planned?

I’m going to my parents for a full Sunday roast. I’ll probably watch some football with my dad too. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve been pretty down and stressed lately. My mums Sunday roasts are the best.

I should go to gym this morning but I don’t really feel up to it. I think I’m going to go for a long walk in the countryside instead.

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Gonna go see moonlight and probably eat something bad for me and smoke the rest of these tabs i really shouldn’t have bought

Big walk in the country followed by a roast at your folks sounds braw and will no doubt make you feel a whole lot better :grinning::+1:

Breakfast and papers, might go and hang out with my nephews later. Nice easy Sunday.

I don’t see any compelling reason to get out of bed today.


I could get the domino’s driver to chuck the pizza through the window i reckon.


Im still hungover from friday. Too old for this shit. Should go gym today but probably wont.

Dropping my brother off at the station in a bit. Might play some computer games later but not sure yet.

Could quite fancy fish and chips at some point.

Got far too drunk last night and wandered home from the pub early. Today: watch football, then go see Jagwar Ma

Going out for lunch with the extended family - haggis pakora is on the menu so it would be rude not to give it a try.

Will probably come back and watch City v Liverpool and do not much else.

Got a weekly shop lined up followed by watching football. Maybe get my hair cut? Feeling like i need a lazy day.

I’ll go to gym (and remember my shorts) if you do. :thumbsup:

Gonna eat a big cooked brekko and if that sorts me out i might… maybe

Had a shit night’s sleep.

Had the dog on the bed making things warm and uncomfortable. The lady upstairs staggered in at 2 am and could hear her throwing up once she got in her flat :D. Then there was a fox outside which sent the dog barmy.

Got up at 6 to take the dog for a walk before the shopping came (yes, we ordered the shopping for 6.30 on a Sunday morning). Made myself bacon and eggs for breakfast, had a shower and then came to work.

Having a roast chicken for dinner - It’s the first time either me or Mrs Fox have cooked a whole chicken. Can’t wait.

Got some of that elasticy sports tape so might strap up ankle and go for a run. Then gunna clean the flat and prepare a roast for when my gf gets back from that london

Going to see some goats today at a place near Stirling. They live with alpacas so it’s given us an idea…

Then Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes later tonight!


Goats and alpacas, sweet :grinning:

All plans now on hold.


Terrible defending by Arsenal


It was terrible wasn’t it. Alan Pardew would have been proud.