What’s occurring?

I’m up early-ish because I’m off to that Norwich to play in a penoid tournament I don’t particularly want to win.


what flavour of penoiding is it?

I’m off out for some tennis in a while. Apparently there’s some free courts nearbyish.

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Waiting for a plasterer man to arrive to give a quote for some work. Gonna have a second breakfast when he’s left, and put some washing on, then book a hotel for holiday. Would be bike riding, but bike is fucked.

Later I’m meant to be going down the bike shop to help clear the garden but I cannot be fucked.

Got literally no plans. Might sit around in my pants and play computer games all day. Coffee first, obvs.

What do you win when you win at penoiding?


Morning Epimer. I’m still in the Peak District and it’s a lovely day here. Going to go to Bakewell and get a tart, have a nice bike ride then head off to Leeds.

Good luck for your comp. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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Netrunner! My favourite kind.

u wot m8

I hear that mentioned on here a lot, is that a CCG or more like D&D?

brb gonna play Unreal Tournament 2004 for half an hour x

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Normally, alternate art cards, giant mousemats with game art on them, deck boxes, etc.

Today there’s all of that, but it’s principally a qualifier for an event in Reading later in the month where the winner gets a load of money towards flights and hotels to Worlds. I can’t make that event, as it clashes with a Pendulum gig Fenino and I don’t want to go to Worlds anyway.

It’s also worth points that count towards an invitational tournament that I also don’t want to go to.

…why am I up

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Mooooorning! :sleeping: Just woke up… zzzzzz, snort, cough.

I see large amounts of tea in my near future, also we need to pack and organise a few things for holiday part 2 tomorrow… likkkkeeee eating a sticky toffee pudding and packing! Sticky toffee pudding for breakfast I hear you say? OKAY THEN, I am on my hols after all.

Good luck with this tournament you’re not fussed about!! :rainbow: this rainbow will guide you on your quest, use it wisely.


Bought an enormous thing of beef to roast, so I’m doing laundry, drinking coffee and then I’m going to roast the shit out of some beef.

I watched the Anvil documentary last night. Fully hilarious.

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Think it’s just me and people taken the pisses out of me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a CCG, but not collectible, so everybody has access to all of the cards.

It strikes me as the kind of hobby where there are no real winners.


The shop is like the heart of the club, and the guy who owns it is trying to smarten it up a bit and open a cafe inside, and he wants to use the garden out the back. He’s going to fire up the BBQ after and get some beers in as a thank you but I still cba.



I recently got myself a pack of MASSIVE pants, I feel really smug when I wear them because they are comfort personified. I’m wearing them now :relieved: smuggins

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Morning. Still a bit ache-y after physio yesterday, but the knee seems better as a result.

Holiday planning and general adminning today while my girlfriend is at work. I need to decide what to do for dinner.

I forgot “the fear and respect of your adversaries”, obviously.

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Thumb hang!!

such an amazing film. It’s more Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap!

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