Previously known as Sungday in respect of people singing in church until 1987 when Rupert Murdoch bought naming rights for the day and renamed it in to advertise some kind of low brow pornographic publication.

Aptly, die Sonne shines this morning. I have a free morning and am considering a walk over the hill and far away. There is a new cafe a couple of miles away which I might take a notebook and pen to and do some writing.

Later this afternoon, I will have the kids mit mir and may visit @anon76851889 for half an hour if he is free, other than that, little to report.

Enjoy your day DiSciples of social interaction via cyber airwaves.

I wanted a lie in but the next door neighbours have been out in their garden being loud since eight o’clock. Can’t believe I don’t play bass before 10 or after 9 out of consideration for these cunts.

I’m hungry but too lazy to make breakfast.

anglos a sunday DiS

feels like today will be very lazy

Please make me breakfast.

i was going to have porridge but i’ve no milk

would you like some watery porridge?

Anglos a Sunday DiS. I’m listening to some podcasts and will be going to buy the papers in a minute. If I can avoid the pub today I will be very happy.

Here’s a track to enjoy in the sunshine!

Morning all!

I ate toast for breakfast but keep seeing people on TV eating other food and now I want that.

The two things I want to achieve today are finishing my book and shaving my face.

Is this the new apple with jam on it?

You’ve always been a disappointment to me, japes.

alright dad, chill out

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porridge with misery on it

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Going to 2 BBQs today. Could be dangerous

Working on a summer course in Cambridge. The kids arrive later today.

My boss appears to be an old lady version of Rick from Rick and Morty. This could get interesting.


Going to see if I can get waffles for breakfast because all my stuff I can eat breakfast off is packed up.

Just had homemade bread, avocado, and poached eggs for breakfast. Might go back to bed for an hour or two now. Cheers.

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does she constantly burp mid sentence? :smiley:


I just woke up and am drinking coffee. No idea what to do today. Any suggestions?

Living the dream.

Sun’s out and I need tea. Off for a week’s stomping in the Lake District next weekend so need to get planning where we’ll be walking*

*probably going to just play Zelda.

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