Am having to type this desperately quietly. There’s a tent full of five other slumbering humans here. Have barely slept as I got the punctured airbed and had a frenzied trip to the toilets at 1am with my sobbing daughter.

Waiting for it not being stupidly early to stir and disturb others.

Today, once all is packed up, we’ll go swimming and then onto Folkestone to the beach for the afternoon. Home at tea time for an early evening arrival.

Going to have to caffeinate during the day.

What about you folks?


Oh, here is some sky from yester evening.


Morning/evening: hope your daughter is feeling happier about life today and the beach is fun.

Very quiet day here. Recovering from my trail race yesterday (About - Wuu-2K). A good honest slog through plenty of mud that took me over ten hours to finish, mostly walked. Not super happy with my time but chuffed to have finished and it was a great day out with some excellent support from the marshals and the other runners. Have spent today on the couch playing Football Manager, enjoyed a bath beer, now getting ready to eat a curry and watch Pointless…

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Morning Drowned In Sounders. Got in from work at 10.15 last night, back in now. Shattered now. Gonna be a hard day. Day off tomorrow though.

Have a good day guys

Morning. Woke up hungover on the sofa which is pretty annoying as bed is so much more comfortable.

Spent last night in a bar with my friend watching his girlfriend get hit on and her quite enjoying it. He didn’t intervene, I suspect because he doesn’t want to be with her any more so doesn’t want to have that fight. She is a really terrible person so I am not surprised - normally I try to see the best in people but she has absolutely nothing to offer in that regard. Hope it sorts out one way or another anyway.

Ned to tidy up. :timer_clock:
Gonna have a coffee and watch Frasier. :coffee: :tv:
Didn’t drink yesterday so slept and feel good. Should do more of that :confused:

Taking my son out for his first ever trip to the cinema. Cars 3 :red_car:


Hungover and watching bojack. Met a set dresser last night. Seems like a good job.

Woke up with some kebab on my head this morning. (Not a metaphor)


Vacuumed up, done the dishes.

At a loose end now.

I’ve got to go to work in a bit. This is the last Sunday I’ll have to work for a while because I’m going to work in another department for 6 months starting the week after this. Going back to doing normal office hours is going to be weird. I’m a bit worried i might have to start wearing smart clothes as well :disappointed:

I just want to sleep and do nothing, I’m absolutely drained.

I got woken up by the noisy cunt next door shouting in their garden at 7. I moved to the other room and got woken up again by the noisy cunt next door shouting inside their house at 8.

I think I need to set fire to him.

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hate when that happens, always seem to linger for the whole day.

Went to bem brasil in Leeds yesterday. Still full

can’t seem to wake up today, coffee not doing enough!

Maybe BiTT’s album will help but so far it’s lulling me into a pleasant dreamlike state.

Oh, I must listen to that! Thanks for reminding me Bam!

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it’s bound to be awesome!

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Morning all! Went for a few pints with an ATD last night in his favourite pub. Introduced him to some of my Cork friends and they got along really well.

Doing very little today. Might rewatch some of the original Star Wars trilogy. Housemate’s BF is DJ-ing in the evening so will go to that for a while.

Woke up at 8am, couldn’t get back to sleep, so been reading in bed.

Might go to the cinema later.

what are you reading? I hear books are good for smart people!