It’s been a very long time since I’ve been up this early on a Sunday without simply having stayed up all night.

I’ve stayed over after looking after my nephew yesterday though and he came in to wake me up and he’s just so freakin’ adorable so now we’re watching the Lego Justice League film together. (His parents are home but are respectively hungover/exhausted and pregnant/exhausted)

Pissing it down outside.

How are YOU? And how are you spending your Sunday?

It’s still Saturday night in San Francisco and I am unjustifiably drunk for the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed while catching up with an ATD who lives over here. Possibly due to drinking on an empty stomach… Have great Sundays everyone.


Got work. Hate waking up. Would like to be asleep forever.

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Morning WR, ATT and BF

Spent yesterday painting the bedroom and putting together IKEA furniture so we slept in the spare room last night and I got woken up early by the light. Knackered and achy but there’s a second coat to be painted and a bed and wardrobe to be put together. Have to go and see Dunkirk tonight with the in laws. Also stressed about work. Sunday.

Stupid brain won’t let me have a lie in :sob:
Why am I awake!?

Same as this. It’s a joke. Think it must be due to needing/wanting to be up early for work recently.

Already spent ages thinking of a fantasy football team name and picking my squad.

Mornin. I’m up already but im knackered. Gonna have an egg bagel and some coffee. Probably go out for a walk on hampstead heath today then pub tonight. #sunday

Good morning. I’m back home in Glasgow for three whole weeks. Going to a safari park with the nephews today which should be fun then going to watch Scotland play France in the hockey tonight.

Hello everyone :wave:

Not feeling fantastic :confused: went to the pub last night and the moment I got there I was told another friend who wasn’t there was feeling paranoid that I hadn’t seen them for a while. sigh I hate stuff like this… it just made me feel like an asshole for the whole evening. This friend never comes out to group meet ups, I would have seen them loads if they had :confused: grumblegrumble

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Sorry… moanathon ^^^

In other news I’m going to another car boot sale!! Yay!! But first… TEA!!

Oh yeah that’s crap :hugs:

Find it really strange when people can’t be open with friends about stuff like that. Surely, if you haven’t seen a friend in a while and want to see them you just get in touch with them and try to arrange something. Maybe being naive.

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yeah… now I just feel like I have to get in contact with them. Honestly, I would have seen them 4 times in the last 2 months if they’d bothered to come to the bigger group meet ups. They never come to anything! I’m pretty pissed off.

Morning all. Feeling pretty fresh as I stuck with the milk (lol) after my one beer last night :upside_down_face:

Got a few bits to do before heading down south as I’ve got my gran’s funeral on Tuesday :frowning:

Not a lot planned for today.

So far I’ve picked my fantasy football team while drinking coffee. I’m pretty impressed with the team I’ve come up with.

If the weather stays nice I might go for a walk around Happy Valley.

Feels really dishonest to be bothered about stuff like this, nothing wrong with your friends being busy or having other stuff to do. I’m lucky in that the only friends I have wouldn’t be annoyed by this at all.

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Just woke up and feel really tired and sick. Guess this is what my 30s will be like.

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Gonna go for a nice walk

Gonna go food shopping
Love having a big full fridge then ordering a takeaway :joy:


Feeling brain dead whilst watching Braindead.


Morning all! Feeling pretty fresh after my night out. Going to go and get the papers in a minute and then listen to more of the CD collection I was given. I spy three Deerhoof albums I haven’t heard in the pile so they’re up after Aphex Twin’s ‘Drukqs’.