I’ve waited for ages already for someone else to start today’s thread, but it looks like it’s up to me again.

Been up since 6 again—a friend’s visiting and she’s (reasonably) still in bed so I’m just working on transcripts until she surfaces. Then a long mooch around town and might go see A Ghost Story this afternoon. Classic Sunday, preemptive 7/10.

You guys???

Morning, last day in Copenhagen and of course the sun is out now! Anyway Haven was great and drank so many great beers (feeling it a bit now though)

Listening to the Jen Cloher LP and lazing in bed. Got a friend coming round about 11 then we’re going out for a bike ride.

Beautiful day outside today

Up at six, at work by eight. On double time! Aiming to be back home by two and in the pub by three.

WFH today. Having eggs and coffee and watching a seinfeld before I start though, obviously.

Gotta say DiS, we gotta step up the daily thread game. We’re letting it slip.

What’s everyone’s current fragrance?
Mine is lavender, cardamom and ylang-ylang.
Hope you all have an aromatic day :blush:


Morning, morning.

AM: My wife wants some driving practice before a refresher lesson tomorrow, so we’ll head to a local industrial estate for some solid reverse parking action (never heard it called that before etc). Then cutting back a tree that’s far too big for our garden.

PM: Practicing guitar and bass for a set of covers of 60s garage/psyche and 80s indie for a friends birthday next weekend. Not a bad Sunday.

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Morning ya big bag of DiSers,

Was at a wedding last night. The only photo I seemed to have taken was of a blurry moon on the walk back.

Remember slurring something about if something supernatural/paranormal was going to ever happen, I wanted it to happen then. Examples being… we all got chased by a werewolf, or we held a seance or someone happened to have a sacrificial goat on them (I’m looking at you @casinobay). Nothing happened… Or it did and the effects are yet to take hold. Suppose I’ll have to wait and see.


Going to London for a picnic!

In a shit mood for no reason. CBA.

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Morning all. Bit tired after last night’s gigs. Both went pretty well, decent crowds as well. The only picture of either gig features my elbow prominently.

Not going to do much today. Might try and get a gang together to watch the football later. Cork are playing in the All Ireland hurling semi final though so the pubs are going to be a nightmare.


My brain is like scrambled egg this morning. Hackney to Brighton cycle was a big success! Had such a lovely welcome from my pals when we got to the pub, was very overwhelming. My wife did a speech about her ma and I had a bit of a cry.

I’m 2 coffees and 2 paracetamols in. Gonna go out for breakfast :fried_egg::bacon::pancakes:


going to mow the lawn shortly, just trying to decide what’s good music to listen to during said task.

Wiped out. 3 days on the sauce isn’t something I can do anymore.

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Do you have really good headphones that block out the sound of the lawnmower Bam?

mine is the smell of my body.

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yeah it’s a miracle! My Bose wireless noise cancelling headphones suddenly started working again after they broke 3 months ago when I wore them in the bath!

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Tired. Gotta go back to London at some point. Gonna sit in a cafe, drink coffee and read a magazine beforehand I reckon.

Really cba to get back on the bike though.

Just woke up. It’s a nice (i.e. dry) day here so going down to Troon for a walk along the seafront.

Was in Glasgow yesterday where the world pipeband championships are being held - men in kilts EVERYWHERE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nice one! I was wondering how you listened to music while lawnmowering. How about ‘American Stars and Bars’ by Neil Young? Half country Neil, half weird Neil sounds perfect for a Sunday.