ooo! As much as I love his 70s stuff I never ventured past Rust Never Sleeps.


About to go and collect the kids. Might take them out for lunch and go and watch the Emoji movie. Ugh.


wait…Emoji movie??


Vanilla and tonka bean


dove antiperspirant


This is from before ‘Rust Never Sleeps’! 1977 I think. ‘Like A Hurricane’ is on it, along with one of my all time top ten Neil tunes, ‘Will To Love’.


Tired. Tea’s in the pot do anticipating that this will receive my spirits for the day ahead. Not much of an agenda but will include fruit/veg picking- blueberries/blackberries/plums/french and broad beans plus whatever else looks good to go!


I feel tired and ill.

Saw some average comedy and ate an average veggie burger last night. Missed the first 25 minutes of MOTD but drank a couple of glasses of nice wine.

Making a curry today and hopefully either playing Dishonored 2 or finishing The Sellout.

Back at work tomorrow.

Current smell profile is coffee, toast and Beconase spray.


Just watched my rabbit hopelessly try and and drag her bag of feed through the bars of her cage…I feel like a monster! But I’m also feeding a baby! It’s one of those dramatic moral choice moments you always see!


Oh, current fragrance profile is sweat and cocoa butter.


oh wow cool, don’t know how I missed that one then. Will try it!


Islay is beautiful, huh?

First wedding anniversary today! I kept a secret diary of the first year of marriage for the traditional gift of paper. Really glad I did. It captures all the little moments that are otherwise lost to time. It’s gone down well :slight_smile:


happy annivesary! you massive sap


fucking hell man.


It’s full of absolute gold. Apparently I blew a really good raspberry on september 12th.


Just found this guy hanging out on our garden furniture.


Lawnmower Man OST




that’s a ‘look at my mate’ if ever i saw one


Did anyone catch any of the perseid meteor shower over the weekend? I didn’t see any, but I wasn’t out for long.