Yes! No light polution on Islay and a cloudless night so lay down on top of a wall after all the alcohol and saw some amazingly bright meteors adorning the sky. Lovely stuff.


Ah fuck, I totally forgot about it. Might see if there’s any stragglers tonight.


Aw man that sounds majestic!


You leave Guinness and Splash alone, you monster. :wink:


Should still be - think they were at their peak last night.


On my way into the centre to appraise / buy a vintage brass etching map of the work. And lunch with a date.

May well be starting a post something cool you’ve bought reecently thread later.


Gonna be a hard 2nd year for you, embroidering the diary in Cotton.


may 12th: blew a raspberry but didn’t get as good a reaction as last time :sweat:


:grinning: she might… cotton on to a project of that size


Ah, excellent! Going to watch them from this field on a hill above the city.


Should be a yellow card but gonna look the other way on this occasion.


yeah this seemed nice!

I’m afraid I stopped halfway through and put on Darkness At The Edge of Town though


Where was the average veg burger? So I can avoid there.




post your insta here instead


Good choice!

To be fair, the first half of the Neil album is pretty straightforward country. Second half is when it gets super weird!


No I wanted to browse it for memes to put off getting out of bed for a little while longer… But it just keeps crashing :pensive:


cool, I’ll listen to the rest later


hello 'feeder! heard a ghost story is epic but heartbreaking, and can be occasionally frustrating. i like the look of the ghost so that’s all i’m fussed about.

woke up about an hour ago. listening to an alternating playlist of sigur ros/brmc for some reason.

preoccupied with what’s happening in america atm. need to reign it in a bit, have posted about 30x more than the next most frequent poster in the trump thread. wouldn’t want to get a rep as a geek (lol).

waiting for some replacement sunglasses then might spend the day outside playing guitar or working on a mix if the weather stays nice.


i guess if the lawnmower does seep into the music it would make whatever you’re listening to industrial or something. like it was remixed by can!