Hi team, it’s Sunday, I’m in Biarritz.
Today I am about to complete my cycle along the entire length of the Atlantic coast of France! Only 20 miles to the border with Spain.

Babes and dudes…whatcha up to?




It rained for 30 minutes in 12 days!

Can’t help you with yr crossword clue, sorry.

I’m in from a house parr in Walthamstow. Gonna go to bed

I’ve just got home. Probs go to bed now and sleep until tomorrow.


(Hi casinobay etc,)

I stayed up too late watching a Netrunner tournament, so it’s been a pretty rock n roll weekend for me too.

I’m about to start a 9am to 8pm shift at work. I’ve just seen that DiS has given me a “respected” badge. Can this Sunday get any better?


Last day of the hellish job I’ve been stuck in for ages! YEEHAW!


Up early to watch a hockey match on tv which England are comfortably cruising. When it’s over heading down the Ayrshire coast for a couple of days. Got all next week off work :+1:

Gonna do some tidying, apply for some jobs and play Pokemon Go in Tonbridge :nail_care: working 6 days next week and dreading it.

Basque Country is well pretty.
Got band practice then I’m not sure what else


Only just woke up. Had a dream where I wrote a song on the bus and the last minute or so was just me screaming really loud and it was awesome and cathartic.

Probs going to cut the grass this morning if the weather holds up its end of the bargain.

I had a very weird DiS related dream, where the messageboard was actually a pin board and to reply to posts I had to pin handwritten notes to it. My handwriting was appalling.

I still can’t work out how the replies appeared.

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Sounds great! Though I can guarantee my handwriting is worse.

anglos a DiS

was meant to be getting up early and away climbing some more hills with a mate but had the worst night’s sleep ever. neighbours screaming at each other and folk driving up and down my street blaring horns & sirens all night. fuck knows what was going on. woke up feeling like death so just sacked it off :upside_down_face:

will do a bit of :biking_man: instead. but first: :coffee:

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anlgos a japes!

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might have a shave today, will put it to a poll:


  • yes
  • no

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i vote moos tash

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yeah that’s a good call.

I’m in danger of looking a bit father john misty at the moment :frowning: