Why am I awake




Fucking hell calm down, it’s too early for all that.


Doing a car boot sale today


What are you on the lookout for?





How’s the head this morning?


Haha, fiiiine thanks. I never get headaches from drinking. It’s the horrific nausea that’s the problem but that doesn’t seem to have kicked in… yet. I met the most insanely cool rabbit last night. It was like a dog!!! I didn’t have my phone tho or else I would have taken a million photos. It looked a wee bit like this -


How’s u?


I’ve been up for two hours. went to bed really late too but feel fine. afternoon nap later.

looking for ways to make money doing freelance social research - anyone have experience of this or similar?



Thinking of going for a run later. Probably won’t, though.


I’m UP and ready to go out and play golf.

Legs a wee bit sore from @japes 'es world tour of Scotland cycle.

It was an honour to meet so many of you. Highlight was watching about 8 DiSsers sitting eating pizza…it was just like reading a Thursday evening thread in real life.


I don’t know if you heard six of those people making the pizza scissors joke but it happened.

Morning all!

I’m a bit dehydrated. Salmon and scrambled eggs and bagels will be breakfast when I feel ready for cooking.


Sat outside the cabin in me jim-jams reading with a coffee and listening to the new Hammock album :ok_hand:


got a rye loaf proving rn mmmmmm

also pining for my cat sooooooo bad. get to see him on Friday for the first time in two months and I might cry


In an ibis in Paris


morning all

fantastic day and great night yesterday. was brilliant seeing so many of you all together :slight_smile:

not feeling too bad, just slightly delicate. would quite like to sit in bed all day but promised to take @plasticmike up the campsies


Never heard it etc. etc.


Surely you can stay in bed and do that?

Hahahhaaa. I did a joke.


Good morning

I have just had some poached eggs on toast. The eggs were absolutely spot on.

I am going to clean the inside of my car windscreen.

I am then going to play on my Xbox.


Questions for the bike wankers

  • did you enjoy Tebay?
  • did the Arran stretch kill anyone? (Or is that’s just normal for you guys?)
  • did anyone try the irn bru chilli jam? The pizza menu at Shilling looks incredible.