Sunday ☀

Alright DiS?

Looks like a pretty nice day down here. I’m off out in a bit on my bike to go and race up a hill. Gonna just relax after, watch some sports, then pub later.

Have a good day :sunglasses:


Did tough mudder yesterday, was out cold by 10pm, today my body feels like that of an 85 year old, standing up is a real achievement.

Trying to toss up between going to a friends place to play with his dog or just going home to shamelessly spend all day eating crap and playing ps4

Was also on the verge of being ill and somehow running 10 miles and being dunked in ice water has put it at bay


Outside Angel Station waiting for the bus to work. A shit day ahead.

It’s been a little while but still, looking at the weather forecast, it’s gonna be a



Mornin. Usual recording bollocks today. Starting a dreadful job tomorrow so can feel the sunday dread starting.

Had a dream last night that i worked with hyg and ccb. Hyg walked in on me in the loo and later swapped my computer monitor for his smaller one which really annoyed me, and ccb dobbed me in for being lazy and not doing any work. Dicks!

Having :coffee: and :fried_egg:


* @ericthefourth


Off to the gym when it’s open

Slept like shit. Off to the big Oriental supermarket later :smiley: then gonna try and cook up a storm :+1:

Sheffield 10k. Haven’t done much training and did quite a hard bike ride yesterday so don’t think it’s gunna go thay well. Then avoiding town during the derby and helping my mate write a charity quiz later

Off on holibobs!!

There’s a Battle of Britain airshow (:face_vomiting:) on at Duxford so the traffic to the (other) airport is going to be hellish. Thought we’d take the train instead. Trains are off, so paid £100 for last minute airport parking.

Think I’ll drive about 30 miles out of my way to avoid the airshow traffic.

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Have fun in wolverhampton!


I heartily approve of that mug.


I’m at a ballet class right now. Or sat outside one anyway. The 4yo loves it. I have no idea what goes on in there, they don’t let the parents in

I’m on day 7 of 8 of being at home with the kids on my own while the TV is flouncing around Paris ‘for work’

It’s been nice having the kids to myself all week but by good I can’t wait for her plane to land tomorrow evening

Stockholm weather; miserable, grey, cold, damp

I need a holiday

Found out the wife is pregnant yesterday, very early days yet but we’ve been trying for a while so absolutely stoked. Had a mild freakout, cried a bit and now can’t stop grinning.

We’re off to see Nick Cave tonight in Bournemouth, it’s the most excited I’ve been about a show in years - real rollercoaster of a weekend!


Massive congratulations ! :two_hearts::heart::heart:


Morning all! Worked a shift in my local in Clonmel last night. Was great fun, saw loads of old friends and got to talk with the other barmen about our memories of working in the pub.

Going to visit my Nam today, then it’s back to Cork to see the TV, followed by the best DJ night in Ireland.

Thanks! It’s really a bit early to be talking about it but i figured the people of DiS to be discreet.

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Congratulations! That’s wonderful news!


Just don’t chunder during it and you’ll have done well!